The Field of 16 is Set Along With First Round Matchups -- at Stake: The Title of "Most Obnoxious Idiot Liberal Celebrity of 2020"

The Field of 16 is Set Along With First Round Matchups -- at Stake: The Title of "Most Obnoxious Idiot Liberal Celebrity of 2020"
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Thanks to all for the tremendous number of last-minute suggestions for changes to the quasi-final list of 16 entries that I put out late yesterday.  Taking into consideration support for a few individuals, I have made three changes to the final 16:

In:  Jim Carrey —  Out George Takai.

This one was mostly “quality of celebrity”, but also Takai’s contributions to liberal idiocy were relatively mild compared to the lunacy of everything done by Carrey.  Sorry Sulu, maybe next year.  Work on it.

In:  Madonna  — Out Kathy Griffin.

Quality of celebrity was a huge issue here.  While Griffin did score really high for having achieved the goal of getting the Secret Service to investigate her as a threat to the President, that wasn’t a 2020 achievement.  And Anderson Vanderbilt tossed her off his New Year’s Eve show.  Don’t be a one-trick pony, Kathy.

Speaking of tricks, it is true that Madonna made the offer of fellating male fans in exchange for votes in 2016 — earlier than Griffin’s bloody picture stunt.  But there is still a line outside Madonna’s dressing room door so I deemed that a “continuing” stunt for purposes of 2020 qualification.

In:  Michael Rappaport — Out Leo DiCaprio.

There is a HUGE quality of celebrity imbalance in this substitution, and I have concerns that most will not even know who Rappaport is.  He’s probably going down in Round One to the top seed anyway, but he might surprise.  The level of his outrageousness snuck him into the field as the 16th Seed.  His qualifications can be found on his Twitter feed.

After studying the final list of entries for three minutes, the matchups for the Round of 16 are as follows:

  1. Alyssa Milano v. 16 Michael Rappaport
  2. Alec Baldwinaria v. 15 Debra Messing
  3. Robert DeNiro v.  14 Meryl Streep
  4. The View v. 13 Ron Perlman
  5. Rob Reiner v. 12 Jim Carrey
  6. KimmeMeyeColbeChelsBeeFallMayer v. 11 Barbara Streisand
  7. Mark Ruffalo v. 10 Prince Markel
  8. Taylor Swift v. Madonna

As is true with the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee, I have aimed to give you some interesting match-ups in the first round.

DeNiro v. Streep, last seen together in The Deer Hunter.  What a place for them to get together again.  Maybe 5 chambers with rounds this time.

Taylor Swift v. Madonna — the Reigning Queen v. the Dowager Queen. I wonder if Taylor has any tricks she can teach Madonna.  The reverse is a given, but 24 hours isn’t much time with so much material to cover.

Baldwinaria v. Messing — we’ll be watching closely to make sure Messing doesn’t sneak Jennifer Lopez into her spot to get Baldwinaria off his game.  Or maybe Javier Bardem — he actually is Spanish.

Polls should be up on Twitter shortly. They’ll run for 24 hours, and then well move forward to the Round of 8 with the winners.



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