Either the 'Fear Mongering' Will Persist or Dementia Has Destroyed Joe Biden's Ability to Do Simple Math

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I’ve not written much on the disgusting and wholly fallacious fear-mongering of the Democrats/media in general and the Biden campaign in particular.

From nearly the very beginning — having been “trapped” for the first couple weeks away from my family and with nothing but time on my hands to read and learn — I’ve long known that the number of “deaths” CAUSED by COVID-19 would be wildly exaggerated in that once there was a financial incentive to “ID” COVID-19 deaths every other categorized “cause of death” would dramatically decline while COVID-19 “caused” deaths would skyrocket, as that would promote the narrative in the press/campaign that the Trump Administration was incompetent.  It was simply a given, and the claims would be impervious to actual facts — like tens of thousands of people, mostly elderly, die each year from all types of other viruses because their bodies are not able to fight off the infection.  People who might have died mere weeks later while suffering from “end-stage” cancer are being classified as COVID-caused deaths if they were infected prior to passing.  Morbidly obese individuals who were walking and talking strokes and heart attacks waiting to happen become COVID-caused deaths because they become infected with a virus that has a 99% recovery rate.


And now we are in the middle of a “second surge” that is being blamed on government policies, guidance, and/or unwillingness of people to follow the same when the truth of the matter is that back in March and April infectious disease efforts predicted the virus would begin to spread more rapidly AGAIN in Oct-Nov. when cool weather returned, people went indoors more, and the “cold and virus” season got underway.

It’s a virus.  This time of year is called the “cold and virus” season for reason.

But what is really happening is simply the table being set for a coming (maybe) Biden Administration triumph over COVID-19 — after a year of failure by the Trump Administration — when we have the return of warm weather in the spring and the increased availability of one or more vaccines.

But, there are still several more weeks of the Trump Administration to suppress, so the “fear-mongering” must persist for now.

Enter Joe Biden earlier today when, during an economic “round table” discussion via video conference, he said “I don’t want to scare anybody here but understand the facts: we’re likely to lose another 250,000 people, dead, between now and January, because people aren’t paying attention.”


Jacobs is a White House reporter for Bloomberg News covering the Biden transition, so this isn’t some right-wing mischaracterization of something Biden said.

The AP has picked up this story now, and it seems clear that they don’t know whether to report this as a gaffe (25,000 is closer to the actual math using the average daily death rate) or if Biden really meant to say almost as many people will die in the next 2 months as have died in the past 8 months.

President-elect Joe Biden has issued a dire warning about the spread of the coronavirus over the next two months, predicting as many as 250,000 deaths.

Biden, who has warned of a “dark winter” ahead, did not offer details to back up his assessment, which is far bleaker than projections by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other experts. His transition team did not immediately respond to a request to clarify the remarks.

Biden made the remarks Wednesday in a livestreamed roundtable with workers affected by the pandemic, making an appeal to Americans to take the virus seriously.

We’re likely to lose another 250,000 people dead between now and January,” Biden said. “You hear me? Because people aren’t paying attention.”

He added: “You cannot be traveling during these holidaysas much as you want to.”

Isn’t that a great attribute to have in a President?

There have been approximately 273,000 COVID “caused” deaths since the beginning of the pandemic back in March.


Over the last 30 days the daily “death rate” of COVID-19 “caused” deaths in the US has varied in a range from 464 on the low end, to 2,610 on the high end.

If the Trump Administration comes to an end on January 21, there are only 50 days remaining.  For the US to suffer another 250,000 COVID-19 “caused” deaths, the daily death rate would need to AVERAGE 5,000 deaths a day.

According to The New York Times, the highest single-day death toll since the pandemic began was just over 2,700 back on May 6.


  1.  Joe Biden is knowingly engaged in fear-mongering by using numbers that have no basis in reality, and the press won’t call attention to it.
  2.  Joe Biden has trouble with numbers — plausible since Joe Biden’s room-temp IQ has been a well-established fact in Washington for nearly 5 decades.
  3.  Joe Biden has dementia which makes the words he speaks meaningless in his own mind as they tumble forth from his mouth.

Pick a number.






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