70,000 Michigan Voters Chose Joe Biden But Not The Incumbent Democrat Senator Gary Peters

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Yes — I’ve considered the possibility that the missing votes were “ticket-splitters” who voted for Joe Biden for President, and GOP Candidate John James for Senate.

But that explanation doesn’t hold up, as explained below.

Consider this graphic:

The raw vote totals reflect the following on the Democrat side:

Biden — 2,787,544 votes statewide

Peters — 2,718,451 votes statewide

Biden had 69,000 more votes than did Peters.

The raw vote totals reflected the following for Trump and James:

Trump — 2,637,173

James — 2,630,042

Trump ran ahead of James by 7,000 votes.

There were about 89,000 third party votes in the POTUS race, but about 103,000 third party votes in the Senate Race.

So when you look at the races between the candidates, along with the third party votes, you see the following:

Biden — 7,787,544

Trump — 2,637,173

Others — 89,000

And now here are the Senate numbers:

Peters — 2,718,451

James — 2,630,042

Others — 103,000

Total votes in the Senate race, including 3rd party candidates, were 5,448,234.

Total votes in the Presidential race, including 3rd party candidates, were 5,515,817.

The difference is 67,000 votes.

But third party balloting was HIGHER in the Senate Election than in the Presidential election.

When you eliminate those you get the following vote totals just for each race:

Senate:  5,345,000

President:  5,448,000

Now the spread between the two races has increased when considering only the GOP and Dem candidates — 97,000 votes.

So 97,000 more voters cast a ballot for one of the two major-party candidates for President than cast a ballot for one of the two major-party candidates for Senate.

Trump and James were within 7000 votes of each other’s totals.

Biden and Peters were 69,000 votes apart.

If these were ticket splitters you would see James outpolling Trump, and beating Peters.  For that to not have happened — assuming they are ticket splitters — then you would need to see a significant number of ballots where the voter picked Trump and Peters to off-set the ticket splitters who might have chosen Biden and James.

What I would focus on is how many of the 69,000 ballots that picked Biden but not Peters show the voter cast a ballot in only a single race — the Presidential contest?   Michigan has “straight ticket” voting so it would be odd indeed if a voter turned in a ballot that voted in only a single race.  But there are 69,000 ballots with Joe Biden’s name selected that don’t have Gary Peter’s name.

The next thing I would do is begin to cross-reference that list against whether it was a mail-in ballot or an in-person vote, check the names against registration information to see if there are any patterns there,  and whether there are persons by those names living at the addresses listed — or living at all.

That is where you begin to build a fraud and conspiracy case from circumstantial evidence.  One you have the fraud, then you begin looking at the actors involved who were in a position to pull it off.  How many precincts were involved?  How many workers were in the precincts?  You start putting people before the grand jury to answer questions or assert the Fifth Amendment.  Then you know you are over the target.



















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