Spread of Dementia Not Prevented by Masks It Seems -- Dementia Joe May Have Infected Kamala Harris

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

In a funny hot mic moment, Kamala Harris is caught turning to a campaign trail worker to ask where she is at.

It’s not a situation where she’s in some small town union hall, or an elementary school cafeteria in some suburb seeking out the “Karen” vote.



She’s in Cleveland.

That’s in Cuyahoga County — the second largest county in Ohio.

It has got a big airport with lots of “Welcome To” signs.  There are lots of tall buildings.

And it’s not like Harris is on her fourth stop of the day — Cleveland is her only planned event for Saturday.

She was in Atlanta yesterday, and her schedule has her in Detroit tomorrow.

Maybe she caught it from this guy:

Maybe a higher quality of PPE would prevent further spread among the campaign.


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