LA Sheriff's Office Put out Video on How to Handle BLM/Antifa Rioters - No DA Needed

AP Photo/Steve Helber


So BLM-Los Angeles and Antifa decided to flex some muscle today and show everyone else how it’s done.

Here was the invitation to the dance.


They did bring a new dimension to the efforts to antagonize — I think — the law enforcement officers.


I wonder if her parents recognize her.

And then there was this on the other end of the spectrum — again, send the kiddies in the other room.

Here is the LASO giving warnings and instructions to those assembled to leave the area.


[For those of you not in the West, El Pollo Loco is what all fast food chicken should aspire to be.]

For those who were curious enough about the “or else” part, here is what they saw.

Note the fact that it was 8:10 when LASO had seen enough and moved in to put a stop to it all.  No late-night shifts for those guys — they got other plans.