Nancy Pelosi Endorses White Privilege: Praises Louisiana Purchase, Lewis & Clark as Leading to "Manifest Destiny"

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., speaks during her weekly media availability on Capitol Hill, Thursday, June 27, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


I’m not certain of the date of this CSPAN video, but in this 44 second clip Nancy Pelosi might have just made herself the newest member of the GOP minority in the House.  If the “cancel culture” social justice warriors now steering the Democrat party have any consistency in their thinking, there can be no exceptions made for someone who believes the taking of land and legacy from the indigenous people of the Americas in the early 1800s was the “manifest destiny of America.”

The video has to be relatively recent as you can see a person behind her wearing a black mask.

US Historian Pelosi has the floor (emphasis added):

“When our country was founded, and when he was … Thomas Jefferson became President, he tasked the Secretary of the Treasury to …. Gallatin … build the infrastructure of America.  The infrastructure plan that would follow Lewis & Clark expedition, Erie Canal, Cumberland Road, all kinds of things built into – the Louisiana Purchase that would follow.  It was a great undertaking.  Gallatin was the Secretary of Treasury and so many things happened at that time to build the infrastructure into the MANIFEST DESTINY OF AMERICA AS WE MOVED WEST.”


Let’s break down her historical recounting so that today’s college graduates can take notes since colleges no longer teach the history of the United States as part of the “US History” classes.

1801-1809 – Thomas Jefferson in office as Third President of United States.

1801-1814 – Albert Gallatin serves as Secretary of Treasury.

1803-1806 – Lewis & Clark Expedition to Pacific Ocean in the Oregon Territory.

1803 – Louisiana Purchase

1817-1825 – Erie Canal constructed

1812-1834 – Cumberland Road constructed

Not a horrible accounting on her part, but still has the trappings of “freestyle” historical “riffing” based on some note cards a staffer prepared for her to look through just prior to going to the microphone.

But, the clear breach of “woke orthodoxy” is her EXPRESS claim that the White European descendant population of the United States at the beginning of the Nineteenth Century had as its “MANIFEST DESTINY” the taking of property belonging to, and physical subjugation of the inhabitants of the land to the west of the original states of the United States.

If that is not an expression of “white privilege” railed at by the BLM/Antifa/BIPOC/LBGTQ/LMNOP organizations whose causes she claims to champion, then I don’t know what is.


There can only be two options for Nancy Pelosi in the “cancel culture” that she supports and had a role in founding.

First, resign from the democrat party and take her place as a back-bencher in the GOP minority.  Unfortunately, she’s not wanted.

Second, some version of the following in the streets of Portland [preferably fully clothed]:

Popcorn futures skyrocketing in after-hours trading.

BONUS: (Added by our Deputy Managing Editor) One cannot utter the phrase “Manifest Destiny” without invoking “James K. Polk” and They Might Be Giants. Pelosi might want to watch this video, too.


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