The Email Where Google Admits They Stole the Intellectual Property to Build Android

Google – is a monster.  The monster parent company Google created is Alphabet – whose monster Market Cap is $1.03 trillion.

Monster Google has made a LOT of its money – and thus acquired its monster size – via monster theft.


And, of course, the bigger Google gets – the more power it has to steal.

The Evidence Google’s Systematic Theft is Anti-Competitive:

“Top Patterns of Google Theft:

“1. Admitted Pattern of Promoting Online Piracy.

“2. Anti-Competitive Pattern of Book Theft.

“3. Willful Pattern of Promoting YouTube Video Theft.

“4. Willful Pattern of Android Property Infringement.

“5. Anti-Competitive Pattern of Stealing Competitors’ Signature Patented-Innovations.”

Speaking of stealing Android and its Intellectual Property (IP)….

Google Stole Android and Probably Made a Trillion:

“Google v. Oracle America:

“‘The dispute centers on the use of parts of the Java programming language’s application programming interfaces (APIs), which are owned by Oracle, within early versions of the Android operating system by Google. Google has admitted to using the APIs….’

“Ok – ‘Google has admitted to using the (Java) APIs….’

“What does Oracle require of Java users like Google?

“You either make free and open – i.e. public – what you developed atop the Java base.


“You get a license from Oracle to use their Java.

“And here’s a surprise:

“Often, Oracle charges literally nothing for the license.

“All you have to do – is keep the Java software you use compatible. You cannot do anything to it – that might make it no longer play well with Java.

“Google – shocker – did none of the above. They took Oracle’s Java, remade it in their image – and then began playing hide and seek with the courts.


“And this is no minor theft.  What began thirteen years ago with Google stealing Oracle’s Java – became….

“Android Is the Operating System Most Used Around the World

“In September 2019, 51.4% of US mobile devices ran on Android….

“(A) near-decade-and-a-half of Google’s illicit use of Oracle’s property – has led to Google making…probably…hundreds of billions of (a trillion-plus?) dollars.

“There’s the direct sale of Android devices.  But that ain’t nothing.

“Then add in the inconceivable amounts of data Google has collected from its hundreds of millions of (a billion-plus?) Android users.

“Access to which Google has spent the last thirteen years – selling the daylight out of to advertisers.

“The latter – is orders of magnitude more money than the direct sale of Android devices….

“Android is designed – to maximize Google’s data collection.

“Android as designed – has made Google hundreds of billions of (a trillion-plus?) dollars.

“Android is designed – with Oracle’s Java.”

Google’s monster theft – has led to MONSTER monetary returns.  In other words – standard operating Google procedure.

How do we know Google knows they stole Android from Oracle-Java?

The E-Mail That Google Really Doesn’t Want A Jury To See:

“Lawyers defending Google against a patent and copyright lawsuit brought by Oracle are trying desperately to keep a particular engineer’s e-mail out of the public eye-but it looks like they’re unlikely to succeed.


“The e-mail, from Google engineer Tim Lindholm to the head of Google’s Android division, Andy Rubin, recommends that Google negotiate for a license to Java rather than pick an alternative system….

“The second paragraph of the email reads:

“‘What we’ve actually been asked to do by Larry [Page] and Sergey [Brin] (Google’s founders) is to investigate what technical alternatives exist to Java for Android and Chrome.

“We’ve been over a bunch of these and think they all suck. We conclude that we need to negotiate a license for Java under the terms we need.’”

Except Google never did negotiate for Android “a license for Java under the terms we need.”

But they released Android anyway.

That’s not legal.

And the “jury” now about to review Google’s monster theft?

Supreme Court to Hear Google V. Oracle on October 7

I’ll bet large coin the aforementioned Google email will be an exhibit of Oracle’s Supreme Court case.

Because duh.

Nothing helps the prosecutor’s case more – than a defendant’s written confession.


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