The Ignition Point of Failure

AP Photo/David Goldman

Seven hundred fifty-two degrees is the ignition point for coal.  Gasoline has an ignition point of five hundred and thirty-six degrees.  Propane?  Eight hundred and forty-two degrees.   Everything has a temperature at which it will eventually melt or burn.  With the right amount of heat and pressure, everything will change or be consumed.  Even some of the hardest substances which are used to cut metals and rock, still melt at the right temperature.

Over the last year or so, I have felt like I am crazy.  I find myself getting angry watching what is happening in our country.  When I hear the media report on a topic, oftentimes the bias introduced or the misinformation served drives me up the wall.  The problem is, like many others, is that I feel that I am alone in my anger.  Certainly, I know others are angry, too, but I have found that my limits of what I would be willing to give or sacrifice to restore our freedoms have been all but eliminated.  It seems my benchmark for willingness to sacrifice everything I have to defeat the insanity being implemented by the left, is lower than ever.  A decade ago, I would have never considered leaving California, where I was born and raised.  In my job search since my graduation from grad school last year, I have only been looking for jobs in red states.

For so long, I felt alone in my “extremism.,” as I think most of us have.  We’ve received nothing but gaslighting from the MSM and the left, as we have been told that our anger, our frustration, and our general disgust with the direction of our country, are unjustified and grounded in some -ism or -phobia.  The slightest bit of “understanding” thrown in the direction of January 6th rioters earns one the label of being “unAmerican” and a “traitor” to our country —  the enemy of Democracy.  We’re lectured by people who told us that everything wrong with America could be fixed with total compliance to their government agenda.  Even questioning our country’s direction made one an authoritarian Nazi.

If one suggests that a Freedom of Speech includes speech that offends you, that “shall not be infringed” means shall not be infringed, or that the entirety of the liberal ideology was built on the sandy foundation of logical fallacies and hypocrisy, that person is clearly a student of Adolf Hitler.  The same people who told us that we had to force private businesses to provide birth control and abortifacients as part of the enforcement of Obamacare are now suddenly demanding these same private businesses are free to determine their own policies. Never mind the fact that these businesses are being forcefully conscripted into the Branch Covidian Cult of government COVID mandate enforcement, the left believes that their agenda is justifiably enforceable by any means necessary.

But as the time has progressed over the last several months, I have found that that isolation I felt in my frustration certainly wasn’t unique. Even among some of my most liberal friends, I heard the voicing of frustrations that were identical to mine.  As we shared our mutually held frustrations, I would often hear the growing desperation in their voices.  One feeling seems to be prominent:  That an inevitable violent conflict is coming and that such a conflict has almost become necessary.

Now, unwad your reactionary panties, liberals. I am not advocating for violence.  This piece is less manifesto and more reading the tea leaves.  At this point, I just don’t see our path to reconciliation.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t one, but those paths will likely require unconditional surrender (to an agenda) of one or more groups of people, who at this point, have no intention of doing so.

The only thing that has saved us from that fate (to date) is our own perceived isolation.  Many of us have experienced these growing frustrations but are living in the isolation of the thoughts, “I’m just one person, so what the hell am I supposed to do about it?”  That moment, in our frustration, that we simply figure that our thoughts are so extreme that no one else could possibly be feeling them.  The truth of the matter is we aren’t alone and those thoughts are much more prevalent than has previously been experienced.

With our current government struggling to convince millions of Americans of their competence and the media losing their stranglehold as the source of all information, more and more people are waking up to the tough reality that they have been lied to for years.   Yet again, the source of these lies tries to tell us that our anger and frustration with their actions are unwarranted.  For instance, we all sat home and watched the news as our country burned from riots and protests.  That violence was acceptable.  That violence was justified.  Our own anger is not offered the same benefit.  They literally broke down gates and threatened to attack the McCloskeys and yet, their own non-violent defense (simply the threat of the return of violence) was unjustified.  The violent and destructive actions in Kenosha were justified, but the defense against that violence and destruction was not.  The old adage of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes” has been replaced with “play stupid games, win the rationalization and justification of the media and the left.”

The ignition point of the coming reckoning isn’t an event.  It is a cumulative awakening.  Suddenly and without any indications, enough people will realize that we are the ones in the drivers’ seats and not social engineers who have never created a damn thing in their lives.  Once enough people realize that they are not alone and that they do have the support to do something about it, it will happen. I pray that culmination is peaceful, but with the example set by the left over the course of the last decade, how could anyone predict that it would be?  With the way the left has been ignoring this growing frustration, how can we expect the backlash to be filled with understanding and acceptance?

What is coming isn’t some hate-filled, racist revolution.  It is a reversal of the freedom-killing policies the left has implemented.  It isn’t the ignition point of a new revolution.  It is an ignition point of the failures of progressive policy and quasi-tyrannical government.  Is it going to happen soon?  No idea, but what I can tell you is it is getting very hot in here.


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