CDC Director Walensky's Husband Ups the Hypocrisy With Maskless Party, Game

Stefani Reynolds/The New York Times via AP, Pool

If most liberals didn’t have double standards, they would have none.

As we have seen numerous times throughout the past year, Democrat officials are quick to order everyone else to comply with COVID restrictions but are equally quick to break those same orders at their liking. Whether it was Gavin Newsom having dinner at the French Laundry, or Gavin Newsom traveling out of state to campaign for Biden, or Gavin Newsom sending his kids to a maskless camp,  (along with the other Democrats who broke their own rules whenever they wanted to), Democrats have done a lot to undermine their narrative of the seriousness of the COVID outbreak.


When Dr. Rochelle Walensky took over as CDC Director in January, having been recommended for the job by Dr. Anthony Fauci, almost immediately she began with her doom and gloom predictions of COVID-19, even though the Trump administration had rolled out a vaccine with alleged effectiveness over 95% and much of the country was rushing out to get that vaccine.

But as could be expected, hypocrisy reigns with these people.

Over the last week, I have done a lot of reporting on CDC Director Walensky regarding her husband’s business dealings and her presumed influence over his four-month-old business receiving a multi-million dollar grant from the HHS in 2020. Included in that tip was additional information regarding a get-together hosted by Dr. Loren Walensky in June 2021.

Loren Walensky is a pediatric oncologist in Boston and has had an impressive career in research and efforts to save children from cancer. For that, he should be saluted and applauded. The problem with Walensky’s record is that he has not been as convinced of the doom and gloom spread by his CDC Director spouse as others have. Twice over the last two months, Loren Walensky has been attending events maskless, including a party he hosted for students in June.

A perusal of Loren Walensky’s Twitter account shows that he has little fear of maskless public events.  On June 10th, Walensky posted a picture of several maskless students (sitting outside, granted) well within the 6-foot recommendation. Additionally, it can only be assumed these students are each from an individual household, further highlighting the hypocrisy.


A few days later, on June 27th, Walensky was seen maskless at a Boston Red Sox game with a former student.

Loren Walensky Boston Game

Reporting these events isn’t to say that Dr. Loren Walensky doesn’t have the right to do these things or whether or not he should mask up. I am simply questioning why Director Walensky feels she can issue dictates regarding people’s bodies and properties, while her husband goes about living his life as we all wish we could.

This same man is a medical doctor who knows the threats first hand, yet chooses to live his life absent the fear his wife and the Biden Administration are seeking to sow amongst the general population.  Maybe we should all start to notice their actions, and not their empty, fearmongering words.


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