Intent to Kill: The Chinese Government Withheld COVID Data, Vaccine Formula From the World

Intent to Kill: The Chinese Government Withheld COVID Data, Vaccine Formula From the World
Cheng Min/Xinhua via AP

A significant part of the debate into the origins of COVID-19 has been about whether or not the virus came from a Chinese government-controlled lab formally known as the Wuhan Institute of Virology. For more than a year questions raised regarding those origins have been quashed by the media cult, pointing to studies and papers authored by the very people who would have every reason to cover it up.  Now that a lab leak theory is looking more and more credible, with scientific evidence for it now surpassing that of a natural zoonotic spillover, those same ardent defenders sound less like experts in their field, and more like flabbergasted Hillary Clinton throwing her hands up exclaiming “at this point, what difference does it make?”

As the story has progressed and the theory of the potential release of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has become more accepted, numerous statisticians have placed the probability of a lab leak as extremely likely, factoring for both an intentional and unintentional release. In fact, when factoring for naturally-collected, but accidentally released viruses (viruses that were accidentally released from the lab but were naturally collected elsewhere) the lab-leak theory is an almost pure certainty. Yet, the mainstream media and big tech continue to ignore stories and meter traffic to coverage about this increasingly likely potential.

While many want to lean towards an accidental release as the worst-case scenario, the conditions also exist for this release to have been intentional, with China intending to pull the proverbial parking brake of the global economy and send everything to a screeching halt. And that’s exactly what happened. While we are still a long way from determining the intent behind the potential release, one thing is for sure:

China’s actions after the initial outbreak unequivocally suggest an intent to kill.

Back in January 2020, what was known about the SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the COVID-19 infection, was provided by the Chinese government, along with suggested treatments, the genomic sequencing of the virus, and information about the alleged source of the virus. As we learned from a Wall Street Journal article this past Sunday, the initial genomic sequencing of the virus provided by Dr. Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology “skipped over” or withheld information about genetic markers that could have assisted in the investigation into the source of the virus and finding potential treatments for COVID-19 – information that could have saved lives. In fact, the rush on anti-viral surface cleaners has proven to have been premature and unnecessary, as the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been found relatively ineffective against anything except human airway cells.

Even if we were assuming the best of intentions from Chinese officials, including the potential of an accidental withholding of that information, the Chinese government continues to play gatekeeper to information regarding the virus and potential origin locations.

The WHO report released in April of this year, covering an inspection from January 14, 2021, through February 10, 2021, relied solely on information provided by the Chinese government, meaning the WHO team could only analyze that information – not the original data itself. Any scientist knows that scientific conclusions are only as good as the information used to reach those conclusions (garbage in, garbage out). If the Chinese withheld damning information, the conclusion reached by the WHO team would be tainted by the tailored information provided by Chinese officials.

And now we have even more evidence of actions taken by the Chinese government showing an intent to kill. On February 24th, 2020, Dr. Zhou Yusen, a Chinese immunologist whose research had previously been funded by NIH grants to study vaccines for SARS, filed a patent on behalf of the Chinese PLA (People’s Liberation Army), for a new vaccine for SARS-CoV-2. For reference, this vaccine and its formula were developed and patented before the first recorded US death of COVID-19.

Yes, you read that correctly. Before we even had one death in the US from COVID-19, the Chinese government had developed and likely tested a viable COVID-19 vaccine and hid that development from the world. Oh, and Dr. Zhou?  He ended up dead from mysterious causes just a few weeks later.

The entire purpose of the US Government funding, whether through the NIH, DHS, or DoD, was to collaborate with international governments on the development of treatments and vaccines for potentially dangerous viral pathogens. While China would like to claim that the virus did damage to their country as well, evidence suggests that a vaccine was available long before the US had developed their own, as China has just 0.2% of the total COVID-19 cases and just 0.7% of the total death that the United States has had, despite having more than four times the population of the US, and a significantly less effective healthcare system than the United States. In fact, when factored for population, China ranks 199th in the world for deaths, with the US 18th. France and Italy, number one and number two for their quality of healthcare, rank 14th and 23rd respectively for deaths per capita.

This leaves the defenders of the Chinese government with a significant quandary: Either the Chinese Government lied about their cases and deaths, or they lied about and hid the development of a vaccine. Either way, the Chinese government lied about the virus, and any subsequent information delivered by them without being independently investigated and verified should be immediately disregarded.

The fact remains that the Chinese Government either hid treatments, hid vaccines, or hid the severity of the virus from the international community showing an intent to kill. They knew how deadly this was, they likely suspected that they developed it in a lab, and they likely suspected that they were the ones that accidentally released it, yet they covered it up, hid the evidence, and now spoon-feed their tainted and misleading information to the useful idiots at the WHO to parrot their propagandized talking points.

The discussion of an investigation by any government or collection of governments will be fruitless until the Chinese government releases and relinquishes any control over the areas which they seek to investigate. It is time for the international community to demand that the Chinese government open their government organizations to a full and completely transparent investigation into the origins of COVID-19 and their treatments developed and withheld from the rest of the world.

Those ardent apologists of the Chinese government, including Dr. Peter Daszak, Dr. Jonna Mazet, and others (let’s start with the list of those who signed the Lancet Letter) should be expelled from the international science community, defunded by any governments that fund their research, and potentially held on charges for their roles in the Chinese-led cover-up, until which time a full and independent investigation clears them of any culpability or role in the release of the virus and subsequent Chinese cover-up.

Certainly, efforts to prevent future pandemics are essential, but that work cannot begin in earnest until we have gotten to the bottom of this current viral outbreak. With dozens of questions still left to be answered, which will likely remain the case due to the cover-up by Chinese officials, no further viral research work should be conducted at any foreign labs, or by any foreign nationals, until we have a full and complete investigation.

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