WATCH: Jim Jordan Proves Fauci a Fraud in One Question

Tom Williams/Pool via AP

Remember 15 days to slow the spread?  Good times.

Over the course of the last year, our rights have been pried from us by a Government that claims to protect us. As many cried foul, the Government shut down private business, restricted travel, and closed churches, sending this country into an Orwellian nightmare.  While we were told to cower in our homes from a viral outbreak with a high 90s% survival rate, our leaders partied with friends, traveled across state lines (without quarantining upon return), and used facilities banned to the general public, for their own enjoyment.  We created a COVID aristocracy with bureaucrats who sat at the top of their sterilized ivory towers, issuing their multiple-mask filtered edicts, telling us that some Americans were more equal than others.

This Constitutional crisis that we find ourselves in is inherently anti-American.  Why may you ask?  Our Constitution was founded on the idea of individual liberty, not collective “security.”  In other words, our fundamental rights contained in the Bill of Rights are not conditional upon any extenuating circumstances (including super-scary viral outbreaks) and are not revocable by the Government, as they are not granted by Government.  The Bill of Rights isn’t a list of rights bestowed to us by the government.  It is a list of limitations on government power, that protects the individual’s rights given to them by their creator.

Congressman Jim Jordan gets this as he has been sounding the alarm during numerous Congressional Hearings.  Today, during a hearing at which Dr. Anthony Fauci was testifying, Jim Jordan pressed the not-so-good doctor about his continued use of government use of restrictions for “protection” of Americans.

Check out this exchange:

Two very important issues I want to point out about this exchange.  First, is that the Chair and other Democrats attempt to silence Jordan after his time expired.  While I understand the decorum and parliamentary procedures when it comes to Congressional Hearings, it must first be noted that Fauci never answered Congressman Jordan’s question. 

That’s right.  A simple question, that any virologist worth his salt would know:  At what point can we say we are through this?  Fauci leaned towards numbers of current infections (at 60k a day) however, never said what the daily infection rate would have to drop below before he could consider the pandemic over.  There isn’t a number for deaths he suggested or a number for hospitalizations.  Essentially Fauci just said, “well, when I say so.”

The problem is with that explanation is that is completely incongruent with the built-in transparency and the balance of powers between the three branches of government.  The executive branch, in which Fauci finds himself, is not shielded from oversight from Congress.  If asked for information by a member of Congress during an official hearing, he should either be prepared to directly answer the question or state that he will provide the information when he so decides.  Fauci should have been held in contempt during that exchange as well as any Congressperson who attempted to deny Jordan of his time, which essentially was wasted by the argumentative and tyrannical Fauci.

The second issue I take particular umbrage with is how Congressman Jordan asked the question of Fauci.  He kept asking “when will Americans get their rights back.”  To accept that premise is to accept that the Government had the power to strip us of our rights in the first place.  That in itself is ridiculously dangerous.  It states that they had that power, and reverses the intent of the US Constitution.  I will be writing more on that later tomorrow, over at VIP.

Fauci either doesn’t know what he is talking about or is withholding information from a member of Congress.  It’s time not just to move on from COVID restrictions but from Fauci’s continued fumblings as well.