The Washington Post Quietly Corrects Months-Old Propaganda About Trump's GA Call

The Washington Post Quietly Corrects Months-Old Propaganda About Trump's GA Call
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It has been no secret:  The media was willing to go to any length to slander Trump or his supporters.  Whether it was the Nicholas Sandmann case, The Atlantic’s garbage, Mike Flynn, or even the President himself, the left-wing propagandists in the lame-stream media had no morals or boundaries to their nefarious and damaging lies. Remember, they attempted to pin the death of a USCP officer on Trump using poorly sourced and inaccurate information to portray Trump’s rhetoric as the motivation in an alleged (and later debunked) attack on the officer with a fire extinguisher.

Now, another of the propagandists’ lies used during Trump’s impeachment trial is being exposed.

You may remember Trump being called out for a call he had with the Secretary of State in Georgia, in which he was alleged to have told the SOS and his investigators that they should “find the fraud” and that, should they find the fraud, they would be a “national hero.”  Turns out, it was all lies.

The Washington Post has now corrected the article to say that Trump said that the investigator should scrutinize the ballots in Fulton County more and that she would find “dishonesty” there and that she has the “most important job in the country” at the time.

From the WaPo article:

CREDIT: Screenshot, March 11, 2021 correction to January 9, 2021 Washington Post article.

Now, remember, this story was used as part of the impeachment trial against Trump, saying he was abusing his power in making those calls in the first place.  There is something drastically different, though, between telling someone to “find the fraud,” which in many ways could be an order for “by any means necessary,” and asking them to look for fraud in a specific area, where the data may be pointing to irregularities.  Stating that the investigation of these irregularities is an important job, especially in light of the fact that the results could literally determine the outcome of the Presidential election, isn’t crazy either.  Let’s not pretend that the Democrats would not have been having the same conversations if the shoe were on the other foot.

The WaPo lie (on top of the dozens they told during the Presidential election) not only did damage to the President’s case against impeachment but also led to a barrage of media stories repeating this lie.  These other news organizations claimed this as well but claimed that they too, confirmed the story.

This is the biggest problem with current media.  They, working in collusion with our social media overlords, get to determine what is “truth” while generating a devastating barrage of lies on behalf of their progressive ideological gods. There are no consequences for this, at all.  They hide behind their claims to “freedom of the press” while producing the drivel they do, to defeat actual acts of journalism from places like RedState.

I am all about the freedom of the press and had they reported factually on the topic, the story should have stood as it was. However, there needs to be consequences and penalties for this behavior, especially as to how this story was shared throughout media.  I am sure the WaPo has an excuse for letting this story perpetuate a false narrative for 60+ days.

Democracy Dies in Darkness…. or something.

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