Joe Biden Doesn't Support Newsom Recall, Because We Expected Him To And All

Gavin Newsom has been skating on thin ice in California for the better part of the last several months.  Aside from Newsom’s complete failure on COVID-19 response and his gross hypocrisy in ignoring his own orders, Newsom’s time as Governor has earned him a plummeting approval rating, and made him a laughingstock amongst both Republicans and Democrats.


Just how desperate is Newsom for support?  He’s “I’m going to ask Joe Biden to save me” desperate.  Yesterday, from a US Government account, Jen Psaki tweeted support for Gavin Newsom and opposition to Newsom’s likely inevitable recall.  This comes as a shock as just a few weeks ago when Newsom lifted the lockdown orders as a means of easing the opposition to his administration, rumors had it that Joe was “furious” with Newsom, as he was planning additional (scientifically unproven and ineffective) measures to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Now again, if Ms. Psaki wished to issue this statement from a personal or campaign account, that is one thing, but to offer political support against an active and lawful campaign to recall an incompetent sitting Governor on a Government account is, in my opinion, and likely supported by the law, illegal.

If any of you were interested in filing a complaint with the FEC on the matter, you may learn how to do so here.

It makes me laugh that Psaki felt the need to release the “support” in the first place.  Did we all think that Biden was going to sell one of his biggest supporters down the river?  Who in their right mind would have thought that Biden would have jumped out and suggested to get rid of the Governor, whom he considers a model executive (which doesn’t say much for either of them), and the policies which he finds himself in complete agreement with?


I also can’t figure out why Biden would attach his name to the defense of Newsom.  Biden seems to think that his election had something to do with people liking him.  Biden’s election was a referendum against Trump.  Dems likely could have run a bag of rendered bacon fat for President and done just as well because of the media’s propaganda machine and efforts made by blue counties to illegally increase ballot counts for the Dems.  Just precisely what soft-power does Biden think he wields that literally anyone in California would change their mind about Newsom, simply because he offered his opinion?  What a joke.



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