Van Jones Gets a Lesson in Just How Horrible the Left Is

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I’m no Van Jones fan.  I don’t think Van Jones would be a fan of mine.  That being said, he has been known to give Trump credit when he feels that credit is due, and for that, he could be praised. Throughout the campaign for President, Jones was quietly a pragmatist, oftentimes attempting to explain to his otherwise privileged co-host and co-contributors over at CNN just how minorities viewed Trump and his time as President.  Often those looks into minority viewpoints were tagged with a “like it or not” qualifier, suggesting that whether they like it or not, minorities saw it that way.  Not only was Jones right, but his analysis was found in inner-cities across the country, where Trump did better with minorities than he did in 2016.


Unfortunately, in the flow from the intolerant left’s narrative, people just aren’t allowed to say nice things about Trump or the effects of his administration, even in the context of this thing called “reality.”  Everything about Trump, top to bottom, start to finish, is completely and irreparably irredeemable.

On his recent appearance on The View, Jones was pushed on views he expressed during the campaign season as if somehow they were incongruent.  Sunny Hostin, one of the hosts of the hard-left talk show, attempted to call Jones out on his alleged “hypocrisy” on topics he covered during the election, somehow attempting to push him into a “gotcha” moment.  Hostin states some people accused Jones of being a “political opportunist” in stating factual things about the ongoing political landscape, but somehow being excited about the election of Joe Biden.


This is the left.  They live in this land of false dichotomous situations where either you agree or disagree with their people and there can not be any gray tones to your views, regardless of how factual you are about it.  Van Jones’ representation of what was happening in black communities not only was accurate, it was the literal results of the election.  What he said, literally was fact.  Minorities cannot, according to the left, hate Trump, but then go on to vote for him at a higher rate than they did in 2016.  The two are incongruent.  Van Jones was right, and he should be praised for taking a stand on the facts.


In the last few days, Jones has taken exception with his treatment on the program, suggesting that he was unfairly targeted by the hosts and was “ambushed.”  This should be the canary in the coal mine for Jones.  He called the interview “unprofessional,”  and felt like they were rude.

According to The Hill:

Jones was expecting to talk about his documentary, which he worked on with Meghan McCain, a co-host on “The View.” The documentary, called “Reunited America,” is about trying to heal the political divide in the country.

“[Van] expected a friendly environment, and I don’t think Meghan even knew there was anything controversial about him. It was how they asked the questions that was off-putting. It was shocking how intolerant they were.”

Intolerance is the hallmark of the left.  Tolerance to them, is agreement and compliance, not with a point of common ground which can be mutually determined, but rather in demanding that you agree with them and their oftentimes, unfactual policy positions.  While many on the right would like to consider Jones’ treatment as just-desserts, we should be inviting to his plight and defend him and the treatment he was subjected to on The View.  Regardless of Jones’ previous attitudes toward some on the right, overall, he has been fairer in his approach than many of his other media compatriots.  For that, he should be praised as well. Schadenfreude is always fun, but in this case, we should take the time to defend the true and accurate statements Jones has made.


This just goes to show that cancel culture is a cancer upon society and we should take the time to defend those who are attacked by that cancer, regardless of their background or previous statements.


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