Everything Is Extremism

AP Photo/Gerry Broome

In the early portion of the Trump administration, I was very critical of actions taken.  I thoroughly disliked the “ruling by Executive Order,” as well as his actions to increase the deficit and therefore the national debt.  On the other hand, I felt that Trump’s Supreme Court picks, his actions to end most foreign wars, and his choices regarding deregulation were good choices.  In the lead-up to the 2020 election, I still remained a passive supporter of President Trump, very open about my criticisms when I felt the President was deserving of them.  As we got closer to the election, I was given a choice by the left:  Either I was with them, or I was against them.

I’m not one for ultimatums.  In fact, when issued ultimatums, I am more likely to act in contradiction of my best interest just to be able to stick up the behind of whoever issued the ultimatum.  When told that I had to be either for Trump or Biden, I did act in my self-interest.  I chose to support the policy over the packaging.  I lost several friends in the process.

The left has no chill.  There’s no disagreeing.  There’s no middle ground or compromise. There’s no good on the right.  To them, we are all treasonous hatemongers, who want to enslave minorities, exterminate LGBT people, and exploit the poor.  In the wake of certain events in January, any Republican who questioned the results of the election was branded with the same label as those who perpetrated that absolutely horrible action.  Suddenly, questioning the legitimacy of an election, something they buttered their bread with for the last four years, amounted to treason.  As we’ve become this Banana Republic, with leaders able to discard election rules as they see fit (I’m looking at you Josh Shapiro) and any questioning of those actions being considered treasonous.  You heard that right.  Ignoring Supreme Court orders is fine.  It is when you question those actions, that you become a real treasonous SOB.

In the last few weeks, the San Diego Democrat Party stated that the ongoing effort to recall Gavin Newsom was no different than what occurred at the Capitol.  They attempted to link legitimate concerns from the electorate regarding Newsom’s unconstitutional orders and destructive policies, to violence, despite the complete lack of any threats or violent actions from recall organizers.

Just this past weekend, The Los Angeles Times ran an article attempting to link the effort to recall Gavin Newsom to Qanon and other conspiracy theories, again, despite any connection to them at all.  Instead, they relied on their “investigation” into deciding that persons connected to the recall effort were “directly linked” (narrator: They weren’t) to violent groups and other extremists.  The LA Times’ effort amounts to propaganda, issued from California’s dear supreme leader.  The paper literally parroted comments made by Dems the week before, and somehow, this qualifies as “journalism.”

With the left, they have long attempted to paint any opposition as extremists.  Whether it was the Tea Party or other non-violent elements of the conservative movement, it did not matter to them, we were all the same.  Yet somehow, their own documented violence is a minority, despite continued calls for unrest from their own leaders.  The cognitive dissonance on display is stunning.

There’s no compromise.  There’s no peace.  There’s no uniting as Americans.  To the Left, you are the enemy, irredeemable and without worth.  You’re dehumanized by them as they feel that if you don’t agree with them, you likely are a part of some violent and angry people who will only act out in time.  There is no middle ground.  Everything is extremism, as long as you disagree with them and their anti-Constitutional agenda. One cannot find the good things in action while simultaneously criticizing the bad.  Either you’re for them, or against them, and if you are against them, you’re an extremist.

It is neither fair, nor accurate, and if the left truly wants to move to a place of mutual understanding, they will begin to weed out their own, hypocritical, dichotomous extremists.

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