The Governor of Rhode Island Joins the Democrat COVID-19 Hypocrisy Tour

(AP Photo/Steven Senne, File)

It seems that when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions, there are rules for everyone else, and then the rules for the Democrat leaders in the various states and municipalities.  For months we have covered the hypocrisy of the left in many of these cases, from California Governor Gavin Newsom ignoring his own orders to Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards country club visits, to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock traveling during the Thanksgiving holiday, tweeting orders to stay home while at the airport.


Now, out of Rhode Island comes this story:  Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo believes that her orders are only for the common folk, as she was seen out at a wine and paint night at a Providence area bodega.  What is worse is that she was seen maskless in close quarters with other attendees, creating a firestorm of outrage at her hypocritical behavior.  As you can see, people were not only shocked, but they were not happy with the Governor ignoring her own order.

Of course, the Governor had some excuse about “sharing tools,” and completely ignores that she violated her own mask order.  People have praised the Governor for her action against the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, however many of those people have been silent since this issue was exposed.  What remains clear is that most Democrats only issue the orders they do so they appear that they are doing something about COVID-19, when in reality they don’t believe their own orders.  At what point will voters wake up and realize that this isn’t just about COVID-19, as many of these elected officials would like us to believe.  This is about the double standard that exists between elected officials and regular citizens.  Governor Raimondo could have owned her issue, but instead attempted to justify her behavior with some story about precautions.  If they really believe their narrative regarding the threat that this poses, the only precaution they would abide by is staying home.  This is a confusing situation with a lot of cake references, as Raimondo is telling people “let them eat cake,” while having her cake and eating it too.




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