Denver Mayor Joins the Democrat COVID-19 Hypocrisy Tour

Ed Andrieski

We have Gavin Newsom’s maskless meal with too many people in California.  We have Andrew Cuomo having his elderly mother for a big family Thanksgiving meal.  We also have DC Mayor Bower running off to celebrate Biden’s alleged win.

But the Mayor of Denver wasn’t about to be upstaged!  He too wanted to join the hypocrisy tour with his latest move:  Flying out of state for Thanksgiving.

According to the news report, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock was spotted leaving the state to go spend Thanksgiving with his daughter in Mississippi.  The Mayor’s office said that the Mayor had canceled his big holiday dinner this year, but “traveled alone” (aside from the whole public transportation and flying from a crowded airport thing).

His flight allegedly also took off 30 minutes after he posted this little gem to his Twitter account:

You have to give the guy credit.  It takes a never-before-seen lack of awareness to tweet 5 simple rules, only to ignore all 5 to head to go do as you please.  If the threat from COVID-19 was as real as they suggest that it is, the least they could do is lead by example.  But of course, they won’t because their lives and desires matter more than ours.

As for me and my house, we will do as we darn-well please, as we understand the potential risks and accept them.  I wish the good Mayor an enjoyable trip, and an even more enjoyable 14-day quarantine from everyone when he returns… you know… that other recommendation he made for the rest of us plebes.

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