Nevada Is Ground Zero for the Battle Against Mail Ballot Fraud

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For the last several weeks, I have been screaming from the rooftops that mail ballots are the place to be looking for fraud.  I have felt that the Hunt for Hacked Dominion has been a waste of time, unlikely to merit any immediate result that would provide enough of a boost to put Trump over the top.  In watching the returns and the data, I saw mail ballot dumps that went almost 9 to 1 for Biden, and mail ballot turnouts that were much higher than surrounding counties, which led me to believe that there was more potential for issues here than anywhere else.


Yesterday, news broke that a judge in Nevada has allowed a trial to continue, which could potentially lead to a recount and the exposure of significant fraud in that state.  My colleague at RedState and a fantastic legal analyst, Shipwreckedcrew, wrote about the legal consequences in-depth here.  As he explained, the Trump campaign is not a part of this particular suit, as a result of Nevada State Law that requires the standing of an elector for suits.

In 2016, the ballot rejection rate in Nevada was 1.6% while this year it was around 0.75%.  The idea that of the 654,389 mail ballots accepted by the state, it is likely the plaintiffs will find 34,000 ballots (or 5%) to overturn on signature alone, is nuts. There needs to be a much higher level of scrutiny that will give the result.

While again, this isn’t a Trump campaign suit, this is a defecate or abdicate situation for Republicans.  For weeks, we have been talking about concerted efforts, from the left, to steal the election.  Those accusations have flown largely absent any evidence of there being a larger conspiracy.  The right has been stating that evidence is for the court of law, not the court of public opinion.  Well folks, here’s your chance.


Are we looking for enough evidence to overturn the election in Nevada? No.  What we are looking for is enough evidence to justify further legal action in other states where the vote is much closer, like Arizona, Georgia, and Wisconsin.  In those three states, Biden’s margin of victory is less (AZ 11k, GA 13k, WI 20k)  than Trump’s margin in his three-state win in 2016 (WI 22k, MI 11k, PA 45k). Ironically, if through legal challenges and recount actions, Trump were able to flip the results in Biden’s three-state win, we would end up with a tie in the Electoral College and the race being decided, likely in Trump’s favor, by the House of Representatives.  Let’s be clear here…that is a ridiculously long shot.  Think hole in one, firing a golf ball from a cannon, off the top of Freedom Tower, towards a golf course in New Jersey.

That isn’t to say it isn’t worth pursuing.  Of course, it is, and I wholly support any efforts to find fraud.  I have said that many results do not make sense, and I really do hope they find enough fraud to justify a more thorough investigation and the overturning of some results.


What I will say about it is this is the put-up-or-shut-up moment for the right.  I absolutely believe that there was mail ballot fraud committed in this election.  I absolutely believe, especially in states like GA and AZ, those efforts were conducted wholesale.  The issue is: proving it.  Ground zero for this fight, as a result of it being the only case to see the inside of the courtroom for trial, is Nevada.  Let’s hope they don’t screw it up.


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