Democrats Aren't Fighting For The Country; They Are Fighting For Their Survival

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

There’s so much talk coming from the left about “unity,” “decency,” and “trust.”  The Democrats have been out there with their media cheerleaders suggesting that they are in the fight for the survival of the country.  To them, they are the antidote to Trump and they are fighting for America.  Of course, there’s little about the Constitution they like, (Everything is hate speech, No Guns, Arrest and Charge people with crimes they didn’t commit, Get rid of the Senate, Get rid of the Electoral College… etc) and they want to fundamentally alter the course of our country.  To them and the media, they are the benevolent saviors of a country on a path to destruction.


But when you think about it, should Biden eventually pull off a win, what do they have left?

Biden is sworn into a country with a Republican Senate, a House of Representatives that will likely end up 1 or 2+ Democrat, and the loss of Speaker Pelosi with the rise of the moderate Democrats working with the Republicans to push for a new more moderate speaker.  Biden won’t be able to fire off executive orders because well, a 6-3 Supreme Court prevents him from getting too far out of the nursing home.  The same would be in the case of a Kamala Harris presidency, in the case of the removal or retirement of Biden.  At the most, Dems have won the chance to keep a seat warm for a few years.  They have also pissed off the Republican base to the point that come time for midterms, they are motivated, fired up, and ready to take back the House (if they haven’t done so already).  That gives Biden/Harris 4 years of stalemate at best.

They know at this point, that if they lose this, it means another 4 years of Trump, only now they control even less of the House.  As a result of the losses in the House and their failure to take the Senate, they have also pissed off their own base.  San Fran Nan is completely impotent to do anything of value, and Chuck Schumer has about as much power as the Queen of England.  The party, in their race to try to beat Trump may have, at the very best, earned themselves 4 years of not being able to do a damn thing and at the worst, abandoned the rest of the party in their quest and still lost anyway.


Compare this to Republicans.  Should Trump win, Republicans still gained at least 10 or 12 seats in the House, will likely maintain control of the Senate, still have a 6-3 (maybe 5-4, I am looking at you Roberts) split in the Supreme Court and they have a royally pissed off base just in time for Midterms 2022.

If Democrats lose the White House, they have nothing.  Their future is nothing.  They have led to their own extinction.  Democrats aren’t fighting for the soul of America.  They literally gambled with everything and either lost or nearly lost. Winning at this point isn’t gaining anything. It is simply preventing them from losing everything.  Again, this isn’t a fight for America.  This is a fight for their own survival. Now, you should realize even more, why they are so desperate.


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