Wisconsin's Voter Registration Data Follows The National Trend; It Is Bad News For Democrats

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Over the last several weeks I have covered the deep dives into voter registration data coming out of most of the battleground states.  In North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Democrats have actually lost registered voters (while Republicans have gained), and in Florida and Nevada, Republicans have outpaced Democrats on voter registrations. In other battleground states, Trump counties have out-registered Clinton Counties, 2 to 1.  This is much closer than the Democrats and MSM want you to believe it is.

Now Wisconsin, which went to Trump by less than 23,000 votes, continues to follow the trend, however that trend isn’t in added voters.  Since 2016 the State of Wisconsin lost over 145,000 voters, which shows that people are likely leaving the state.  In 2017, Wisconsin ranked 10th in the country for States that people had moved out of, showing young people had fled the state.  This is bad news for Democrats as young voters usually break for them by a factor of 3 to 1.  The loss of the young voter block will be bad news for Democrats come Election day.

Wisconsin is another one of those states that do not register according to party, as voters are just registered as voters.  However, of the 145,000 or so voters lost in the Badger State, nearly 98,000 of them were from counties that Clinton won in 2016, while only 47,963 were from counties that Trump won in 2016.  Trump counties also had more registered voters going in, Nearly 1.9 million voters to 1.83 million for Clinton counties.  If we compare the counties that Obama won in 2016, the story gets even more interesting, but that analysis will be found in VIP later.

Long and short, and as I have said before, I find it hard to believe that voters who have been registering as Republicans (or in this case, not leaving the state at the same rate as Democrat voters) are suddenly either not going to show up for 2020, or will vote Biden, especially when the voters are likely older and have watched the policies from 8 years of Obama do nothing for them. Additionally, unrest and lawlessness in Kenosha following the shooting of an armed suspect, Jacob Blake, has dropped some voters into Trump’s column with his hardline law and order stance.

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