Joe Biden Received Five Deferments from Serving During Vietnam Conflict

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden salutes as he arrives for an event with local union members in the backyard of a home in Lancaster, Pa., Monday, Sept. 7, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

The left always finds a reason to pick on Donald Trump.  Without fail, they always find a reason to be upset with him, spending a good deal of their time digging into his past.  For years now, they have Dubbed President Trump, “Captain Bonespurs” in relation to Trump’s deferments during the Vietnam era.  Trump received five deferments during that time, 4 for education related deferments and 1 for bad feet, or as diagnosed by a doctor, bone spurs.

Well as it turns out, Joe Biden himself also was the beneficiary of numerous deferments during the same era.  According to Newsday in 2008, Joe Biden received 5 deferments as well.

“According to the documents, Biden, 65, received several deferments while he was an undergraduate at the University of Delaware and later as a law student at Syracuse University. A month after a physical exam in April 1968, Biden received a Selective Service classification of 1-Y, meaning he was available for service only in the event of national emergency.”

You’d think that the MSM, when mentioning Trump’s deferments as part of the attack on Trump regarding alleged statements made about visiting a military memorial during a trip to France early in his Presidency, would also mention Biden’s deferments.  Of course they don’t.


Biden received four education related deferments and a final fifth deferment for asthma in 1968.  Biden fails to mention any asthma during any of his memoirs, which also mention his extremely active lifestyle during his childhood (football and being a lifeguard). While Trump should be known as Captain Bonespurs, does that make Biden Commander Asthma?

Either way, this information just goes to show the complete tools the media is for the left and their narrative.  The last article written about this subject by a major media organization, according to a google search of “Joe Biden Deferments”, was in 2008.  Even in articles written recently about Trump’s military service, quoting Biden surrogates, Biden’s military service and lack thereof is never mentioned.

Bad news for Commander Asthma is that the internet is forever and the articles still exist from his Obama VP run from 2008.   Is the media every going to report on this?  Don’t ask Biden to hold his breath.


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