NEW CNN/ORC Poll: Who Won Sunday's Debate?


According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, Hillary Clinton emerged victorious in the second presidential debate.

Clinton, whose numbers were up all around, received 57% of the vote, compared to Trump’s 34%.  Four percent of respondents decided both had equally won the debate, and another 4% decided neither won.


Compared to the same poll, Clinton’s numbers were slightly down from the first debate. Last month, she beat Trump 62% to 27%.

Respondents also determined Hillary Clinton was more likable than Trump: when asked if they had a favorable opinion of the candidates, 55% answered they had a favorable opinion of Clinton (44% unfavorable) while only 34% had a favorable opinion of Trump (64% unfavorable).

Clinton also won what was likely the most difficult question to answer: which candidate is more honest and trustworthy.  59% of respondents picked her, compared to 34% selecting Trump.

Unsurprisingly, the voters trust Hillary Clinton more than Donald Trump in handling presidential issues.  Clinton beat Trump by more than 10 points in all categories: the economy, terrorism, and immigration.  Fifty nine percent also deemed her a stronger leader, compared to Trump’s 38%.

But there is a silver lining for Trump.  When asked if the candidates did a better or worse job than expected, 63% of the voters thought Trump did better than expected, while only 39% determined Clinton did a better job than they expected.


Sure, Trump’s bar was already set so low, it would have been difficult to do worse, but with a campaign that is slowly imploding, optimism is key at this point.

The bad news continues for Trump: The latest Rasmussen and YouGov polls show Trump getting clobbered, while NBC polling shows Clinton opening up a double digit lead.

Some positive news for Trump?  Confirmation he isn’t the only candidate people hate.  The completely unscientific and merely anecdotal Washington Times post-debate poll has Gary Johnson, who did not even participate in the debate, winning the night by 56%.  Yeah.  It’s a weird year.


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