Yes, The Sky IS Falling, Don’t Panic, But---

Stop fighting with each other. Just stop it. If you value conservative principles more than you value your favorite candidate winning (which, as a conservative, you should), now is not the time for sour grapes, nor is it time to rub salt in the wound.


I look around social media and all I have seen last night and today are Cruz supporters mocking dejected Rubio supporters, and Rubio supporters spewing all kinds of hatred toward Cruz and his supporters. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You know the only two people who benefit from that nonsense? Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Trump will benefit by becoming the nominee. Hillary will benefit when she easily beats him in the general election to become the next President.

I get it, we’re all angry, and we all have different reasons for being angry. You’re angry because the better man didn’t get his chance. You’re angry because our country is going down the toilet. You’re angry because there is a complete fraud out there running the table. You feel helpless as you watch the slow death of the conservative movement you hold so dear.

But in not choosing Team Trump, you made a conscious decision to be the better person. You chose, as Rubio referenced last night in his concession speech, to not make decisions out of anger or fear. You chose not to abandon conservative values in exchange for an “outsider” status. So think about what you’re doing right now and proceed very carefully.

After last night’s results, it is critical. The sky really is falling. And maybe we can’t stop it. Maybe our party has to be torn apart before we can build it back even stronger. Maybe that is the role we will play in history. But if we sit around and fight with each other, we don’t even have a shot. We will have no chance at saving something we have worked so hard to achieve.


Eight years of Obama we will have suffered through together. That’s almost a decade. Don’t we owe it to ourselves and to our children to pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and continue the fight for conservatism? Don’t we owe it to each other to be kind and decent? We have a true liberal threat staring us right in the face on the Republican ticket. We need each other. Let’s band together and get to work.

Rubio supporters, I feel the loss with a heavy heart today, too. But the last man standing who has even the slightest chance at stopping the complete fraud who has effectively hijacked our party is Ted Cruz. Cruz supporters, if you want your candidate as the Republican nominee instead of Trump, you’d be wise to welcome the Rubio camp graciously.

So, lick your wounds, fellow conservatives. Pray, meditate, do whatever it is you do to find peace within yourself. Then decide what is more important to you: keeping conservative fiscal and social values in this country, OR digging your heels in the sand because you want to be “right.” There is only one correct answer here.



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