We Have A Real Problem In America, But It Has Nothing To Do With Guns

“How many more Americans need to die before we take action?”  Hillary Clinton asked the crowd at the New Hampshire Jefferson-Jackson Dinner late Sunday.

She went on to shamefully politicize the shooting that occurred Friday at Planned Parenthood in Colorado, ironically urging others not to use women as a “political football.”  Self-awareness: it’s not for everyone.


As Clinton went on to UNEXPECTEDLY use women as political footballs, she spoke of “protecting women’s health and respecting women’s rights.”  Not included in the rights Hillary wants to protect: women’s right to own a gun under the Second Amendment. She called it “unbelievable” that Republicans haven’t acted on the gun reform bill proposed, as if it would have done anything to prevent what happened in Colorado.

All of this is 100% pure nonsense.  Because none of what she addresses above is the real problem in the United States.  Respecting women’s rights?  Feminists have made it impossible for anyone not to respect that, as long as “women’s rights” exclusively means “abortion.” If “women’s rights” means the right of women to freely exercise their religion or own a gun as provided in the constitution, things get trickier. If “women’s rights” means the right of women to know how to read in a Muslim country, it gets dicier still. But I digress.  As far as gun problems go, gun violence in the United States has been declining for years now.

The real problem we are facing in America is not either of those things, but is a cultural problem- we are a culture that fosters a complete disregard for life on all accounts.

It of course starts in the womb, with abortion clinics now pathetically being hailed as heroes.  The liberal left actually demonizes people who speak out against fetuses being torn apart and sold for profit, and what’s worse, they get away with the manipulative tactic.


Somehow, it has become more impolite to talk about people selling baby parts for profit than it is to actually sell baby parts for profit.

Society has come so far in certain facets, yet it is almost 2016 and liberals in America vehemently protect an organization desperately trying to not only normalize abortion, but to encourage those who have them to be proud of their actions.

Planned Parenthood performed 327,653 abortions in fiscal year 2014.  There are over a million abortions performed yearly in the United States.  Does the left see this as a cultural problem?  Of course not.  But the talking point they’d like to hail and pat themselves on the back with?

“We’ve come a long way since Margaret Sanger was jailed in 1916 for opening America’s very first birth control clinic.”

We’ve come a long way. We’ve come a long way accepting the rhetoric that we should hold “women’s rights” (as defined by Planned Parenthood) above the sanctity of life, and at all costs.  They would have everyone believe this is positive change, without recognizing the consequence of this mentality.

But, it extends even past society touting their proud embracing of abortion.  Our society has been so desensitized to tossing life aside for so long, that even after babies are born, they are thrown away.


Just Friday, a newborn baby was abandoned and left for dead, found buried alive in Los Angeles, still wrapped in her hospital blanket.  This city has a Safe Surrender program, allowing parents to bring their babies to designated locations anonymously and with no questions asked.  That wasn’t enough for this baby’s own parents to regard her life enough to make sure she actually survived.

But this is the America we live in today.  This is just one of many horrifying stories reflecting our acceptance of a complete disregard for life.  This is the culture we have created: no respect for human life, especially if that human life is a baby unable to speak up for its own rights.

Then, we have gang members killing each other in the streets every day, and killing children to exact revenge on rivals.  We are doing nothing to change this violent culture.  On top of it all, we are raising children (the ones who survive) in this environment.

And so, it’s no wonder we have shootings in America.  It’s no wonder people think nothing of killing others.  It’s all around us, all the time, whether we are living it or watching it happen on television.

Society is so focused on acceptance of terminating life they completely miss that the entire problem is the acceptance of terminating life.


So, let’s repeat Hillary’s sentiment: how many more Americans need to die before we take action?  How many more babies must be harmed or killed?  How many more Americans must grow up in a household where violence and death is normalized?  How many more generations will we raise with the notion that the loss of human life is okay if that life is a baby, but when others are killed, the real problem is access to guns?

Loss of life at the hand of another human is always horrible.  But, it is only when we start addressing the real problem that we have a chance for change.  We have a real problem in America, and it has nothing to do with guns.



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