Opinion: Trump’s ‘Revenge’ Needs to Be More Than Success, It Needs to Be Revenge

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Donald Trump has remained steadfast in his insistence that the only form of “revenge” he will be exacting in a second term will be success.

Success equates to America’s well-being. And a thriving America equates to a decimation of the Democrat agenda.


It seems logical.

The presumptive Republican nominee made that stance crystal clear even as a malicious Democrat attorney general in New York named Letitia James extracted a $354 million fine from him over well-established real estate practices.

“I don’t care about the revenge thing. I know they usually use the word revenge. Will there be revenge?” he said at a town hall meeting in February. “My revenge will be success.”

Trump reiterated the notion even as a malicious Democrat district attorney in Alvin Bragg used a heavily weighted court and jury to secure 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in late May.

"My revenge will be success," he said once more.

It sounds good. But is it enough?

Strange times, this country finds itself in. Where once impeachment was used in rare circumstances, Democrats found a way to weaponize it twice over mundane reasons – a phone call and a call to peacefully protest.

The Biden administration has weaponized every facet of the Justice Department to jail their political opponents.

The opposition party has made it clear they will use any means necessary and at their disposal to rid the country of conservative and/or Republican voters. 

Trump needs a similar mindset on day one if he finds himself back in the White House in January 2025. The time for playing nice is over.

You can’t "drain the swamp" without actually draining the swamp that has gone after you for years. The DOJ needs a thorough, detailed cleaning. The far-left faction of the department loathes the country they work for.


The State Department is a bastion of Democrat donors. That department could use a hose-down as well.

The IRS? President Biden has funded the hiring of tens of thousands of agents for a government entity that was caught red-handed targeting conservatives. Abolish them.

The woke military was establishing back channels to China and vowed to warn them if Trump, as president, had authorized an attack. Literal treason.

Members of the Republican Party in recent years have helped fund Ukraine at the expense of border security. You may recall that Congress, just a few short years ago, refused to give Trump $5 billion for a border wall but now seemingly gives President Volodymyr Zelenskyy that amount once a month.

How many of those same cowards stood by and allowed the former president’s political persecution to continue unabated? Or worse, helped foment that persecution? They sacrifice the security of the American people and the agenda of their chosen president to placate those they claim are the opposition.

But they’re all on the same side. These people are all America last. Donald Trump is America first.

Yes, his success will be a form of revenge against the uni-party whose sole motivation is power. The reverse, though, is equally true. 

Striking back at lawmakers who refuse to make America great again is essential to a thriving America. Striking back at the deep state and the corrupt justice system is essential to a restoration of faith in the rule of law. 


Striking back means America excels. Trump’s revenge is not only encouraged to restore America to greatness, it is required. 

Trump recently told Fox News host Sean Hannity that people who expect him to seek retribution are wrong.

"It has to stop, because otherwise, we're not going to have a country,” he said.

To the contrary, we’re not going to have a country if Biden, the Democrats, and weak-kneed Republicans aren’t stopped. 

If Trump is under the impression that they won’t continue to take him down as president in a second term, that they won’t pursue the next man or woman behind him with the same criminal vigor, that they will stop their systematic destruction of a once great nation any time soon, he’s sadly mistaken.

The left has shown you how to play the game, Mr. Trump. Now, go out there and win it using their rules. 

For the good of this nation.


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