Movement Towards $100 Billion, But Not There Yet

According to press reports, House Republican Leaders are moving off their line and indicating a willingness to embrace additional non-defense cuts–closing the gap between their $58 billion “annualized” proposal and the $100 billion promised in their Pledge to America.


Leadership is now proposing an additional $26 billion in non-defense cuts on top of the $58 billion already contemplated, for a total of $84 billion. But they still need to find an additional $16 billion to comply with the terms of the Pledge. They are not there yet, and conservatives need to be vigilant in holding Leadership accountable.

Unfortunately, Leadership continues to count on $16 billion in defense cuts to pad their numbers and claim that their latest proposal complies with the Pledge. The Pledge was very specific that non-defense spending would be cut $100 billion, and an additional $16 billion should not be that hard to find in the face of a $1.5 trillion deficit. It is also important that these cuts be included in the base bill as it comes to the floor, without leaving their fate to the uncertainty of the amendment process.

However, movement is movement, and since it’s in our direction, it deserves a modicum of praise. May tomorrow allow for even more. This isn’t about going an extra mile–it’s about delivering on your promises to the American people.



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