Idaho Congressman Misleads Constituents on Repeal...Again

Idaho’s Rep. Walt Minnick, who voted against Obamacare but refuses to back its repeal, has come up with yet another excuse to confuse his constituents.

A caller to his office was told yesterday that Minnick has a policy of not signing “discharge petitions.”


That is fascinating news, because it was only last year, on September 23, 2009, that Minnick signed just such a discharge petition in support of a requirement that all bills receive at least 72 hours of public availability before they can be voted on.

Walt Minnick doesn’t have a policy of not signing discharge petitions, unless he conveniently just established one. Minnick simply does not stand for full repeal of Obamacare.

For a member who claims to be bipartisan, signing these petitions (to literally force bills out of committee where they are being blocked by Democrats) is the only way to work with Republicans to force votes on key issues. And Walt Minnick wants no part of it.


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