Ron Paul is the Real Warmonger

In the last few weeks I’ve been called a neo-con, a Zionist, and a warmonger in various online forums. All by “liberty” supporting Ron Paul fans who insist that history is calling Ron Paul to step forward and rescue America from itself. While I’ve always been on the right I was at one time a Libertarian so I’ll accept the term neo-Con, and since I believe in the historical claim of the Jewish people to Israel I’m fine with being called a Zionist. But it is Ron Paul and his followers who are leading us down the path to world war, not people like me.


The philosophy of Ron Paul and his supporters is simple, straightforward, and ultimately anti-American. They say if we allow evil and depravity to flourish at home and abroad then evil and depraved men will respect us and leave us alone. During the cold war this philosophy was put forward by the left and called accommodation; now it’s been re-branded as “Constitutionalism” but it is no less destructive then it was when voices in our own country called for total surrender to the forces of communism.

Ron Paul believes if we abandoned Israel and let Islamists worldwide take over country after country that Jihadists would never again target America or its citizens. But why would this be? Does Muslim culture respect weakness? Do the mullahs of Iran look favorably on those that kneel before them? Did the Taliban treat women and children with respect? Are the cities of Europe that bowed to Islamist pressures free of Islamist violence?

Paul and his supporters tell us that we should be willing to accommodate Occupy Wall Street, that we can find common ground with the rank and file Occupiers. But what common ground is there between freedom and socialism? Where has accommodating this communist-led attempted coup gotten the cities that tried? How many businesses must be closed down before we stop accommodating them? How many people have to die at these encampments in the name of accommodation?


And when does our accommodation of violent radicals end? After their first murder? After the first riot? Or do we wait for a city to fall to them before drawing a line in the sand?

They say if only we legalized drugs gangs would lay down their arms, put on suits and ties, and become productive members of society. If we legalize prostitution pimps would throw up their hands and go work at K-Marts as women were “empowered” by the legal sex trade. After all, the Mafia all but disappeared after Prohibition, they will argue, ignoring the almost 100 years of murder and extortion the Mafia partook in after the repeal of Prohibition. During their still ongoing reign of terror the Mafia’s activities are partly funded by legal business interests they maintain. Why would today’s gangs do any differently?

Mexican cartels are feudal warlords who control entire sections of both Mexico and America. But if we allow them to sell their drugs legally they’ll give up that power? They’ll give up kingdoms they carved out themselves through murder, rape, and mayhem? Did the Mafia give up control of unions, nightclubs, and gambling?

A 19-year-old girl named Carina Saunders was found dismembered in Oklahoma. A prostitute came forward to tell police that she was kidnapped and taken to a warehouse where she was forced to watch as Saunders was tortured to death. This was a scheme by human traffickers to force the girl and some others to work as their prostitutes. According to the Ron Paul philosophy, legalizing prostitution would turn these animals into productive citizens and prostitutes would be safer. But that view accepts the Marxist theory that criminals are being victimized by an unjust society. In reality our laws don’t create criminals, criminals create the need for our laws.


For 5,000 years Western Civilization has understood that it is strength–strength of character, strength of culture, and strength of arms–that makes it possible for all our other virtues to flourish. It is our willingness to battle those forces that seek to extinguish the light of civilization burning a a world of darkness that has led to this moment in history where one country, America, embodies the highest ideals of the Western tradition. At this moment we stand at a crossroads where we choose for future generations the continuance of our most sacred traditions or surrender all that we are to criminals, communists, and militant Islamism–all in the name of peace.

But there is no peace in anarchy, class warfare, and theocracy. As Ronald Reagan said in his Rendezvous with Destiny speech, those voices of accommodation don’t speak for the rest of us. To avoid conflict with the Muslim world will you allow a second Holocaust? When the last Jew is dead in the middle east will the Islamists stop there? Or will they turn their eyes to us and our Jews? What then? What accommodations will Ron Paul and his followers be willing to make to avoid war then?

What demands will you accommodate from OWS? Will you allow changes to our election laws to suit their masters’ whims? Will you allow them to seize private property for their new society? Maybe they’ll just want to kill off 1% of us–isn’t that a small price to pay for peace?


Here lies is the path to war. War becomes inevitable if we adopt Paul’s philosophy because it promises the world that the rest of us will abandon our morality, our honor, and our patriotism in return for the illusion of peace. Americans will not sit idle while a second Holocaust plays out no matter what promises a craven government makes to the Islamists. We will not cede our streets to the radicals, the gangs, or the pimps. When the last barrier between the American family and the great night our enemies seek are torn down we will have two choices; fight or be overwhelmed. Americans will fight.

Weakness encourages aggression from our enemies. Ron Paul’s fantasy will lead us on a collision course with those forces who have been waiting for the right moment to seize what they see as their destiny. America is the last stand for Western civilization and now is the time when we must be willing to fight every battle to keep our values and country strong. We cannot accommodate those who wish to destroy us anymore than we can accommodate those that seek to help them in the name of peace.



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