Bill Nye “The Hot Air Guy”

18 Yrs, 5 Mos, Lots of CO2, No AGW.
18 Yrs, 5 Mos, Lots of CO2, No AGW.

There may have been a time, in an era long, long ago, in which it was fair and accurate to describe Bill Nye as “The Science Guy.” He now has become a religious figure – in the Church of Climate Scientology. He preaches the deracinated word of the theology of Sartre from the Holy Book of Climate Change. Fighting Climate Change you see, is the moral equivalent of World War II.

“So what I want to do is create the next Great Generation,” Nye said. He said the members of the Greatest Generation “pitched in” to win World War II. “And so I want the people coming of age now, the president’s kids and stuff, to work together to address climate change. I think they can, I’m sure they can do it.”

He’d have a better chance of creating the next generation if he were Wilt Chamberlain and neglected the prophylactics. He’s not about improving anyone. Here’s the real point of Bill Nye’s jihad against so-called “Climate Change.”

“We’re gonna need some regulation to get people on board, and just like they had in World War II,” Nye said, citing examples of “rationing tires,” “collecting bones to get the calcium” and “victory gardens.”

One problem with what Bill Nye preaches is that others practice it. Bad science that makes money gets replicated. It’s easier than performing properly professional science. We see an example of this “Science Guy” science below.

‘Climate change,’ say the authors, ‘is the largest global health threat of the 21st century and, despite limited empirical evidence, it is expected directly and indirectly to harm communities’ psychosocial well-being.’

They openly admit that they have no (expletive) proof!* If you have no (expletive) proof, you do not belong in an (expletive) journal of (expletive) science. I’m (expletive) cussing because it’s (expletive) ridiculous that people like Bill Nye get taken seriously. So does he shut up and politely go away until his face is no longer red with the embarrassment he must feel from being paid to spew ignorance? Nope.

So while “The Science Guy” insists on poisoning us with his hot air, I thought I’d amplify as Jean-Pierre Bardinet points out a few truths Al Gore, James Hansen, Michael Mann and even Captain CO2 himself, Bill Nye find inconvenient.

1. The Mean Global Temperature has been stable since 1997
2. 57% of the cumulative anthropic emissions since the beginning of the Industrial revolution have been emitted since 1997
3. The amount of CO2 in the air from anthropic emissions is today no more than 6% of the total CO2 in the air
4. The lifetime of CO2 molecules in the atmosphere is about 5 years instead of the 100 years said by IPCC (and it goes for 18 more points)

So Bill Nye the IPCC Guy is lying to you. He is lying to you to help give a large and controlling government increasing control over your freedoms and your property. He is doing so by promoting a crisis using hysterical language, in order to make people take drastic action without thinking first. If that makes someone a “Science Guy,” we need to go back and relearn our society’s definition of science.

*Empirical data talks, bull (expletive) runs the marathon. So see ya but I would not want to be ya! (Apologies to Nino Brown).