Globalism, Abortion and A Waste-Burning Facility in Oregon.

Satanic Mill - A Facility That Burns Aborted Babies For Power
Satanic Mill – A Facility That Burns Aborted Babies For Power

Well, My Constant Readers, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news, according to B.C. Health Ministry is that bio-medical waste is disposed of through appropriate contracted providers. Furthermore, they follow all health and safety protocols and government regulations. The bad news is that this conscientious crossing of “i”s and dotting of “t”s in no way prevents the shipment of the bodies of aborted fetuses to Oregon where they are burned at the Brooks, Oregon waste-to-energy plant without ceremony or any decent memorial to their passing. Here the incinerated remains help power the local electrical grid.


Covanta’s Russel Johnston said they burn about 800 tons of medical waste per year, less than half of one percent of the total waste burned. Medical waste is brought to the facility in sealed boxes and is carried to the furnace on a conveyor belt which layers it with the rest of the solid waste being processed. “Burn, Baby, Burn” Willamette

My, my, my how family-friendly and convenient. The B.C Health Ministry follows its regulations to the letter. The Oregon power plant can’t tell what’s in the sealed container. It’s so unfair to be mean-spirited and, you know, blame people who follow the laws. Like the guards at Auschwitz, they all just follow their orders. It’s the banality of evil with the forms all signed in triplicate. It’s recycling. The only way it could be more green is if the Brooks Facility were to turn a nice, fat profit off of the abortion cadaver electricity they sold.

When the BC Catholics who rose up to condemn this callous and detestable disregard for the dignity of human life described this set-up, they mentioned a nice apropos Biblical allusion to Pontius Pilate. Perhaps this sequence from Matthew particularly sprang to mind.

24 When Pilate saw that he could not prevail at all, but rather that a tumult was rising, he took water and washed his hands before the multitude, saying, “I am innocent of the blood of this just Person.[d] You see to it.”

Those cowards in Oregon! They know this is happening and they sell the electricity anyway. I mean they won the contract fair and square. They’ve gotta’ burn what they’ve gotta’ burn. No exceptions for stupid trivial things like the sanctity of human life. It’s about the level of callous moral indifference that you can expect for a nation steeped in selfish moral debauchery to the point that they voluntarily reelect the likes of Barack Obama.


The execrable and detestable Americans who light the blow-torch and use the cadaver juice to power their coffee makers are almost, but not quite, as bad as the people in BC, Canada that ship the dead human beings as if they were waste. The administrators in Canada know this waste contains the dead bodies of aborted children. They tag it, bag it and sling it on the dump truck.

Part of the genius of the globalized economy is that everyone atop the food chain is removed from culpability and never has to drive through F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Valley of Ashes. It reminds me of the supply chain for Apple Computer. The I-pods are manufactured in Chinese sweatshops where conditions are so awful that the workers would rather kill themselves than continue to work for the empire Steve Jobs built. If the average American actually saw what happened to the people who built their cute, little I-phones, they’d raise unholy hell. It’s not just because of pay and benefits that those jobs aren’t coming back.

If Americans in charge of the Brooks, Oregon’s baby incinerator were decent human beings instead of representative samples from the type of electorate that typically supports Progressives, they would tell the Canadians to man the (expletive) up and burn their own disgraceful sacrifices to the Phoenician Baals. But that will remain unlikely. They are exactly the cretinous Moorloks that years of Progressive brainwashing predictably produce. They’ll keep on doing the dirty work of Treblinka and let Pilate practice good, safe personal hygiene. It’s the genius of Globalism. The Earth is Flat. The murderers no longer have to see, touch and smell the dead babies anymore. That would bug the hell out of them as they listened to their I-Tunes.


Update: Kudos to Lifesitenews, The DrudgeReport and The Roman Catholic Activists in British Columbia. You have worked hard to shine a light on this atrocity and your efforts appear to have won a victory over moral depravity. Here’s a welcome piece of news.


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