How Phoenix, AZ Got A Bite At The Apple

So Gov. Rick Perry seems to have gotten over the entire debacle that was his run for The GOP nomination and gone back to doing what Governor Perry does well. He’s on the phone swinging deals to bring jobs and power down South to The Rio Grande. Well not quite that far South, he’s targeting Austin, TX instead. The Austin American-Statesman reveals details.


Apple Inc. is proposing to more than double its operations in Austin over the next 10 years, creating as many as 3,600 jobs in what it is calling its Americas Operations Center. The proposal was announced Friday by Gov. Rick Perry, who said the State of Texas has offered Apple $21 million in incentives over 10 years from the Texas Enterprise Fund to win the deal.

He may not have been quite ready for the presidency, but back home in his milieu, Rick Perry makes it rain like Vince Young at a local strip joint. One thing stands in the way of Gov. Perry giving Texas a nice, healthy bite off the apple – Travis County Democratic Party leadership. According to the American Thinker, the Travis County Democrats are attempting to hold the entire deal up so that they can exert control over who Apple Computer hires.

Getting Apple to Austin, however, could hinge on the demand from some Travis County Democrats that Apple’s tax breaks be contingent on it hiring a certain percentage of economically disadvantaged residents. Local TV station YNN explained that Apple would have to “give preference to qualified applicants who are at or below the poverty line rather than those who may come across as the most attractive job candidates. Democrat Sarah Eckhardt, a Travis County commissioner, complained to YNN that Apple will thus have to change its hiring practices. “They will-hire the low-hanging fruit, and the low-hanging fruit in our community don’t need the hiring preference.


I assume the lovely and talented Mrs Eckhardt means “people who have their defecation in sequence and know how to work in an intelligent and reliable fashion” when she accuses Apple Co. of hiring “low-hanging fruit.” It’s almost as if these E-VIL Capitalist Pigs are involved in an iniquitous conspiracy to maximize their return on investment. Leave it to the Democrats to get all self-righteous while they attempt to horn in, steal some of the rake, and then hand it out to their followers in return for votes. Few things make me more nauseous than knaves who perceive a moral justification for their imprecations athwart decency.

So if the arrogant, class-warfare Democrats can turn off the Elizabeth Warren economic idiocy, here’s what they can help bring to their local community. The Austin-American Statesman describes what legitimate stimulus would look like below.

“We’re looking forward to building a new campus in Austin, which will more than double the size of our workforce there over the next decade,” Apple said in a statement. “Our operations in Austin have grown dramatically over the past decade, from less than 1,000 employees in 2004 to more than 3,500 today.” The city estimates that Apple would create between 650 and 3,635 full-time jobs if it builds its Americas Operations Center here. It estimates the average annual wages paid for new Apple workers in Austin would be $63,950. About 93 percent of the jobs are expected to be filled with local hires, the city said.


There is some good news out of this entire fiasco involving the Keynesian Cargo-Cult over on the left. It’s not good news for Texans who apparently prefer to chop off their own noses just to spite their faces. For people who like Apple Co products, the company has also entered into talks with Phoenix, Az. This would allow them to proceed with a slightly different take on an old famous saying about Texas. “We’ll go where our jobs are appreciated, and Texas can go straight to ____!”

Governor Perry will hopefully find ways to make the Travis County Democrats relent from their stupidity. He has a well-earned reputation as a governor who will stand up to the enemies of prosperity and growth. It’s time for him to get back to work and govern. Or else all the job-creators that have flooded into Texas will flood back out to escape idiots like Mrs. Eckhardt and The Travis County lunatic left.


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