Mr. Trump – You’re Fired!!

I congratulate BigGator5 for bringing Donald Trump’s total dishonesty to my attention. It both disgusted me, and reminded me that after posting this categorical rejection of Mike Huckabee as a potential GOP Presidential Nominee, I had to be fair when I blogged in anger. Thus I will dispense some more justice. Mr. Trump, get a haircut. You’re fired!


Donald Trump, to the extent that any ratiocination pierces his smug cloud, has a low, animal cunning with regards to economic opportunity. When a chance arises to boost The Donald, and hang another fancy plaque on the “I Love Me Wall,” he can smell it on the wind. He senses that the American Electorate is dissatisfied with the current President in many regards. He senses further that most of the GOP loyalists are not turning hand-springs over the quality of candidates they have to run against President Obama.

The Donald has therefore deigned to condescend. He has decided to fill the void and grace us with his august presence as a GOP candidate in the Presidential Primaries. He has minimal qualifications for the job. He is solipsistic to the point where he believes that others are the ones who need qualifications.

He therefore believes he can lie his way to relevance and attract the merry band of idiots that blindly follows any political movement. He will tell the yokels what they want to hear, ignore what the nation really needs, and get himself elected on the basis of the Average American’s ignorance and utter stupidity. He talks down to you because he has no clue where else he should look.

Evidence of his contempt for the people can be seen in his garish and ignorant Birtherism. Donald Trump has released his birth certificate. He demands, I tell you, that President Barack Obama do the same. Go to this link here, and you can find out exactly when the Trump Family basilisk egg hatched!


So what makes me so angry about GOP Candidates beclowning themselves by looking for The Fabled Kenyan Birf Surtifikate™ the way King Pellinore sought The Questing Beast? Birtherism goes to the character of the man, and makes me put Birtherist Morlocks at the bottom of my potential GOP Candidate rankings.

Birtherism is a symptom of something worse in the candidate. A person who actively spreads Birtherism as a serious plank in the 2012 GOP is a racist, an idiot or a dishonest hack. That candidate would be a racist if they believed coming from a Black African heritage (or a White, Southern American heritage) automatically, exogenous to all other variables, made someone biologically unfit to serve as POTUS. That candidate would be an idiot if they truly believed that Kenyan Birf Surtifikate™ was out there somewhere, like the truth at the end an X-Files Episode.

I think Donald Trump is worse than either a bigot or an ignoramus. A bigot can be impeached if he reinstalls Jim Crow. An ignoramus can be taught to read books and maps. As evidenced by Barack Obama’s tragic farce of a Presidency, there is simply nothing you can do with a person who considers you so utterly worthless that he can lie to your face without the slightest trace of remorse. I have come to believe that The Donald is a classless and knavish liar.

He sincerely thinks that the GOP electorate in southern states is so stupid that his demands for Barack’s Birth Certificate will get them to pull the lever for Donald Trump in the Super Tuesday Primary. Donald Trump believes in Birtherism about as much as he believes in either business ethics or the Tooth Fairy. He thinks I am stupid enough to believe in Birtherism and therefore, he will play along just to humor that ignorance. Mr. Trump, without even having to attempt to make my acquaintance, believes that I am stupid, ill-read, easily-angered and thoroughly anti-intellectual – but he wants to steal my vote anyway.


One of the most crushing problems America faces today is the fundamental lack of trust between people and government. We get told that out new Libyan War will last a matter of days, no weeks, no months. But no Ground Troops! We promise that we’ll send in no ground troops. We get told we had better pass that stimulus, or we might get 8% unemployment. We are told that Barack Obama’s latest PresBud will enable us to spend no more than we currently take in. We might as well believe that the canals on Mars really have water in them.

We, The People, (I feel safe assuming without loss of generality on this one) are sick and tired of getting told its raining while some meretricious jackal of iniquitous ill-governance pisses all over our leg. We’ve (redacted) had it! The Tea Partiers, in the most praiseworthy sense of this freighted term are RINOs. They vote Republican because they have had it with the iniquitous sacks of fertilizer in charge of most of Washington, DC. They do not instinctively like the GOP, and given the GOP’s past history, they probably shouldn’t trust us.

They voted for us last election because we came closer to representing the truth. We do not even get in the same zip code as the truth if we are making the President’s birth certificate an issue, as the Middle East burns and our government lurches drunkenly towards insolvency and fiscal obliteration. Birtherism is a carnival side-show.

If the only complaint I had about Barack Obama was an administrative hiccup, I’d currently be a proud, flaming liberal. I would troll this site and post lugubrious passages from all three volumes of Kapital by Karl Marx. So, Mr. Trump, when you make Birtherism the centerpiece of your campaign siren-song, I truly believe that you lie when you claim to be a legitimate Conservative. If I were a gentleman of means and industry; I would rarely if ever hire an individual that I believed to be fundamentally amoral and dishonest. For that very reason, Mr. Trump, you’re fired!



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