The Left Riots Because It Works Like Perdition

For some on the left, too much is never enough — because, by definition, it can’t be. They operate on a modified version of the old Brezhnev Doctrine, which stated that once a country went communist, it could never go back: Once a government program is in place, it can never be cut or rescinded, only fattened.


– Michael Walsh (HT: New York Post)

I can only hope that I was the only mordant old prude to watch the recent London Austerity Riots and have to suppress a chuckle and not whistle “On Wisconsin!” Why this came to mind is because both the Wisconsin unpleasantness and the Vandal Invasion of Trafalgar Square were both launched in accordance with the same chain of logical reasoning. This was deliberate and cynical canned Left Wing outrage.

Leftists riot against austerity budgets for the same reasons Radical Islamists attempt terrorist attacks against American targets. They both lost any semblance of rational argument against the conditions they face in the modern world. Furthermore, the Greek Austerity riots, like the 9-11 Attacks, worked like Perdition. When in doubt, you call the last play that scored you a touchdown.

Nobody with any desire to plan for future success in either Wisconsin or in Great Britain can argue against the gist of what these governments want to do. Both governing entities are in a dead-man’s spin to bankruptcy. Both have drawn up a list of entities they need to cut and have put themselves in for public ignominy by cutting people’s government programs.

In neither instance can the Left really argue that either Wisconsin’s or Great Britain’s government needs to expand in size. They cannot claim that some Leprechaun has stashed enough money in a hedge fund to pay off the burgeoning deficits of either governing entity. Neither David Cameron nor Scott Walker has any personal vendetta against these people. Neither man’s governmental unit can afford to feed the tapeworms anymore.


So what’s to be done? No rational argument exists to justify the continued subsidy of unproductive people. Postmodernism posits an answer. Stop making Sense!

Thus, in May 2010, the Greek populace took to the streets to empower themselves via intentional, cynical and targeted deracination of the public dialog. The Greek Government faced gargantuan deficits that would undergo metastasis into an unconquerable national debt. Their Prime Minister proposed simultaneous tax increases and spending cuts to make these vampire debt loads go away.

This austerity program would potentially solve major problems of State. It would also end a lucrative and comfortable way of life for many who had neither the skills nor the internal drive to make it across life’s narrow beam absent a generous safety-net. The streets of Athens were thus laid to siege. A pregnant woman was trapped in a bank and suffocated by combustion fumes during a Molotov Cocktail attack.

All of Europe was shocked. The Greek Parliament showed courage in the face of dire necessity and actually passed the austerity program. On the surface, at least, it looks like the Greek rioters failed. But then the EU saw what happened when an entire broken country was threatened with being unplugged from The Matrix. The Magic Leprechaun with the fistfuls of Euros ended up being German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

The German Bund loaned Greece 110 billion of Euros worth of debt that will never be repaid. This was not a loan – it was a Dane Geld. The barbarians won in Athens. Germany now supports Greek indigents. People in Wisconsin and Great Britain took note. The copy-cat violence, the death threats to Conservatives, the defaced national symbols and the “random mayhem” are all cynical and studied.


Wisconsin and Great Britain have stood firm against this tactic and have initially shown impressive resolve. English Business Secretary, Vince Cable, was condign in his succinct rebuke of the deliberate thug-show.

“No government would change its fundamental economic policies simply in response to a demonstration of that kind,” he said.

(HT: ObCit.)

Time will tell if the resolve in both Wisconsin and Great Britain holds true. The Leftists remember; have no other option left in their playbook.


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