The Wages of Short-Sighted War Are Rape

The murder and rape of Black African migrants in Benghazi (East Libya) reduces the value of anti-Qaddafi rebels’ claim to justice.

– Baruti M. Kamau (The Barutiwa Daily Times)


We should all responsibly cede that US President Barack Obama would not deliberately seek out and ally America with an army that used rape as a weapon for vengeance and psychological intimidation during non-conventional warfare. Yet, according to many newspapers throughout the world, this is true of the rebels our airstrikes over Libya currently support.

This pathetic farce has come to pass because The Obama White House rushed into war. They did so in a unilateralist, shoot-‘em-up, cowboy fashion. They made no effort to understand the indigenous culture or the situation on the ground. White House Spokesman Jay Carney gives us a glimpse of how this tragic misapplication of US force has come to pass.

Jay Carney, the White House’s spokesman, said on Thursday that the US government had reached out to Libyan opposition groups, but that it was still in the process of finding out “what their vision is, who they represent, what their ideas are and where they would take Libya in a post-Gaddafi future”.


The White House, which is already leading bombing missions against forces loyal to Libyan Dictator Gaddafi, attempts now to meet The Libyan Rebels. It would be nice to find out who they are. The LA Times offers us some possible details of just who we risk the lives of our military personnel to support.


Across eastern Libya, rebel fighters and their supporters are detaining, intimidating and frequently beating African immigrants and black Libyans, accusing them of fighting as mercenaries on behalf of Kadafi, witnesses and human rights workers say.

(HT:LA Times)

So President Obama puts down The March Madness Brackets in a peeved fit of pique. He grows tired of being bugged by “That Woman” over at The State Department, or the finely-coiffed Cracker-Boy President of France. His Majesty dashes off a poorly-formulated order to fix this Bleep-Bleep Libya Mess in a manner reminiscent of a tippling English King telling his rake to rid him of “That Meddlesome Priest.”

Like Henry II, Obama I uttered his commands with no more thought to the outcome than I have when I swat a mosquito. This profoundly unpardonable dereliction of duty has put American Airmen in the line of fire as our President packed his bags for his latest “Diplomatic Mission” to paradise. In so doing, he displayed the baronial arrogance that this US President could just about trademark with the PTO.


But meanwhile, the Libyan Rebels remind us of why war must be carefully planned and thoroughly researched prior to opening the latches that secure Hell’s gates. Barack Obama failed to plan. He had a (redacted) tee-time or something. Taking his adorable children to see Mayan Pyramids was far more important than getting American foreign policy right. Our finest jet aircraft and Tomahawk Missiles fly in support of bigots, rapists and reprobates hunting down Black Africans. It makes one fine legacy for America’s first African-American President.


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