The Last Refuge Of The Progressives

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”

– Isaac Asimov from Foundation

In light of the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords by Jared Loughner calls have gone out far and wide for a new civility. The University of Arizona has even invited Former Presidents George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton to waste the time and money of their student body by founding an institute of civility. In other words, we now will be lectured on proper political decorum by the man who was disbarred by the State of Arkansas for committing perjury.


But then again, the Reverend Jesse “Baby-Daddy” Jackson ministered to President Clinton and declared him morally fit. Compared to The Reverend, that may well have been a true statement. We should thus put that brand, spanking new civility institute to a positive use.

One of the first people who should take up sabbatical there would be Democrat Representative Michael Capuano from The Peoples Democracy of Massachusetts. He spoke in front of a group of striking workers in Wisconsin. These were the people carrying pictures claiming the new governor and Hitler were separated at birth. The same people carried signs showing Scott Walker’s head in the crosshairs. The same people carrying signs claiming that they were here to gang-bang Fox News anchors – the way Lara Logan got handled in Egypt. These are same workers who are making death threats against Ann Althouse for covering their activities in Madison, WI. Here’s the wit and wisdom that the Congressman had to offer.

“Every once and awhile you need to get out on the streets and get a little bloody when necessary.”

(HT: The Hill)

Just who’s blood do you recommend spilling here, Congressman? What gives you the right to be such a filthy, war-mongering pig against your very own people? Are the people the union strikes against not also your fellow Americans, Congressman? Have these people on strike not shown the propensity to violate the laws of state and common decency?


What the Congressman has just done is the equivalent of showing up at a Tailhook Convention and telling ambitious, young officers that “You just have to engage in a nice, juicy hate-___, if you ever wanna’ wear the brass ring!” I hope this man gets impeached and charged with inciting malicious acts the first time the unionists kill people over Governor Walker’s proposed Budget Repair Bill. I only view this man as being marginally less iniquitous than Colonel Khadafy ordering air strikes against the crowds of protesters in Libya.

And yet, in light of what I posted yesterday regarding the devolution of Modern Progressivism, the martial rhetoric is a natural outgrowth of their militant and hate-mongering ideology. Yesterday, I cited the following from Ernest Steinberg regarding the ideological direction of The New Left. It bears repetition below.

They must also identify humanity’s enemy, the cause of all suffering. Equipped with a scapegoat, diverse communities can achieve solidarity through shared execration.

(Ht: “Purifying The World. What the New Radical Ideology Stands For”, Steinberg, 2009).

This ideological turn by the Left has grim consequence as our country slips ever further into fiscal and moral crisis under an avowedly Liberal President. The conditions get worse, the people seek new answers. The Left gets confronted by a renewal of authentic rather than consensual Conservative opposition. They lose the levers of power and the spoils they raked in get reclaimed.


As Warren Buffett once pithily remarked, “You know who’s swimming naked when the tide goes out.” The incompetence of the over-credentialed and utterly unrealistic ideologues is revealed. This stupid cannot be fixed. The enemies these liberals define their worldview through hating advance grimly through the institutions like Russian Infantry through the suburbs of blasted Berlin.

The Liberal inexorably turns to the last refuge of the incompetent. Attend your next Tea Party Rally with cameras ready to film. Know who to call and where to go to get immediate medical attention. The Democratic Congressman from Massachusetts has made it known we need to have a little blood in the streets. It’s now over to you, University of Arizona Institute for Civility.



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