On the Anniversary of 9/11, Joe Scarborough Appallingly Compares Trump to Terrorists

MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough’s lack of self-awareness when it comes to Donald Trump is almost surreal at times. Today, on the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Scarborough decided to sink to depths even I am amazed by.


In a Washington Post op-ed and doubling down on Tuesday’s Morning Joe, Scarborough stated he thinks President Trump is a greater threat to “the dream of America” than terrorists.

Scarborough’s persistent amnesia over his and Mika Brzezinski’s cozying up to Trump before and during the 2016 primaries makes one wonder if he had a traumatic brain injury, and this latest despicable piece of commentary the mark of his now addled mind.

If Joe Scarborough really thinks Trump was that much of a threat to America, then he has a lot of explaining to do for things like visiting Trump in his hotel room to hang out, stopping by a party at Mar-a-Lago to supposedly schmooze Trump into giving them more exclusive interviews.

What about the regular anytime-you-want phoners Trump was allowed on Morning Joe until the second Trump secured the nomination in May 2016?

Scarborough’s fiancée, Mika, also accused Commentary‘s John Podhoretz of having “Trump Derangement Syndrome” because he was opposed to Donald Trump getting anywhere near the Republican nomination, let alone the presidency.


Podhoretz and many others worried about the potential long-term damage the Trump phenomenon would have on the Republican Party and the country. Joe Scarborough at the same time was gladhanding and guffawing as the ratings soared.

Let’s be clear, Joe Scarborough is a hypocrite and ideological wasteland of an opportunist that serves as a perfect example of what cable news media has to offer.

Scarborough’s claim that Trump is more a threat to America than “foreign adversaries” and terrorists is hyperbolic, ignorant and most of all, shameful on this national day of remembrance for the thousands of men and women who died at the hands of terrorists 17 years ago.

If Donald Trump is a threat to the dream of America, then Scarborough ought to look in the mirror and realize the image of America he’s so concerned about Trump degrading, he’s in it.



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