Why Conservatives Distrust the Media; New York Times Under-Counts Obama’s Lies

The New York Times decided to tally up the number of lies President Trump told in his first 10 months in office as a year-in-review of sorts. After receiving pushback over the fact that they hadn’t done the same to Barack Obama while he was in office, the Times decided to engage in some (sort of) due diligence and counted up Obama’s lies.


The Times found that Donald Trump — who we can all agree is comfortable saying anything that sounds good at any given time regardless of its veracity — told 103 blatant falsehoods in his first 10 months.

For Barack Obama uttered a mere two per year, according to the Times’ “conservative standard” they used for President Trump.

As my colleague, Jay Caruso, noted on Twitter, just a few clicks on the internet would show the Times their Obama number was drastically under-counted. Using the left-leaning site Politifact, which the Times most likely agrees with in regards to its Truth-O-Meter results, Caruso pulled only Obama’s statements rated purely “False” and found the number almost quadrupled.

This is a nice graphic but if you expect people to believe Obama told a mere 18 lies over the course of his two terms, you could also say little green men live on Mars and it would be just as accurate.

Politifact lists 20 one ONE page (there’s 4 pages): http://www.politifact.com/personalities/barack-obama/statements/byruling/false/


Politifact lists 71 of President Obama’s statements while in office as “False.”

This doesn’t include their other ratings, like “Mostly False” and “Pants-On-Fire.”

Given Politifact’s propensity for going light on the thruthfulness of Democrats and squishing Republicans statements as best they can into the False side rather than True, it’s likely Obama’s lie counter is even higher.

Ultimately, it’s things like the Times publishing such egregious, eye-roll inducing editorializing as fact, that has led to conservatives and others on the Right, or simply honest critics on any side, to distrust what the media and America’s longstanding “newspaper of record.”


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