UPDATED and CORRECTED: Keaton Gets Bullied and His Mom Tries To Turn Him Into Her Personal Rainmaker

**Update: MMA fighter Joe Schilling, upon which this post is based, as well as other media outlets, including Fox News, were reportedly in contact with the wrong Kimberly Jones Instagram account, which was asking for money. You can read more about the scam here.


The video of a tearful Keaton Jones recounting to his mother how he was bullied on Friday went viral over the weekend, and rightly so. Keaton’s message about bullying and pleading to know why people bully others is powerful.

Celebrities and notable media personalities have reached out to Jones, wanting to spend time with him, offering him friendship and also effective skills to combat bullies.

However, how his mother is handling the aftermath and outpouring of goodwill has some people questioning her motives.

MMA boxer Joe Schilling took to social media after speaking to Keaton’s mother, saying she only seemed concerned about Schilling sharing her GoFundMe page.


Schilling says,

“I feel pretty stupid right now, people. I felt really bad watching Keaton’s video so I reached out to his mom. I was going to bring him out to L.A. and introduce him to the fighters and be his friend.

And, um, she just wants money. She just wants me to share her GoFundMe account.

I asked what the GoFundMe account was for. She said, “Oh, well, you know Christmas is coming and I’m a single mother and blah blah blah. Money’s tight.” Whatever.

Make your own judgement on that, but, it’s sad.”


If true, it is very sad. Having a nice Christmas will do little to change Keaton’s day to day existence and the bullying he’s subjected to.

Using the money to move and change school districts or even pay for private schooling would be more effective. Using the money for extracurricular special needs programs, which can often be expensive, would make a longterm difference in Keaton’s life.

Honestly, I hope Keaton’s mother was simply ill-prepared and misspoke about what her intentions are because using her son — even if it didn’t start out that way — to raise money is a terrible look.

Incidentally, she wouldn’t be the only one as several GoFundMe accounts for Keaton have been put on hold in recent days.



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