Let's Stop Talking to One Another; And Other Ways to Ruin a Society

RedState senior contributors, Kimberly Ross and Andrea Ruth, bring to you a summary of news from the week and how RedState covered each issue. This week, contributor Brandon Morse joined the show.


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Story links below:

Dem Congresswoman Laughs At Gen. John Kelly’s Moving Speech, Accuses Him Of Racism by Brandon Morse

Trump’s Cheap “Merry Christmas” Christianity Continues To Sway Evangelicals by Kimberly Ross

Planned Parenthood 101 years and 7 million deaths by Brandon Morse

Seasoned Fox News Anchor Wants To Shut Down The Cries Of “Fake News!” by Susan Wright

Jimmy Kimmel Does Not Want To Talk To You by Patterico

Bowe Bergdahl Pleads Guilty And Expresses Shock That He’s Called A Traitor by Streiff


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