CNN's Blatant Bias Shows in Report On Ted Cruz and He Smacks Them Down HARD

The way a story is packaged is a hallmark of the stance news media outlets feel about the topic.

CNN deployed the tactic perfectly following the release of the Senate’s new version for the replacement of the Affordable Care Act was made public Thursday and (amazingly) included an amendment proposed by Sen. Ted Cruz (R – Tex.).


The insertion of “so-called” was a tell, and Cruz took exception to its use and rightly called CNN out.

The Cruz Amendment would allow insurance companies to offer plans that do not meet the standards set out in the ACA. Standards that have driven up the cost of plans for those not wanting to spend a lot of money or who don’t want certain coverage.

It would be wonderful if news outlets on both sides of the aisle finally figured out that this type of thing is exactly why people have such little trust in them anymore. The fourth estate has been faltering for a while and this does nothing to help restore it.


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