N.J.'s Liberty State Park Closed On 4th of July Weekend Due to Gov't Shutdown

Anyone attempting to visit a New Jersey state park today was turned away due to a state government shutdown of all non-essential services Saturday. Those already camping, or with reservations for the weekend, were turned away or asked to leave on Friday night.


Parks affected included popular Island Beach State Park and the state’s famous Liberty State Park, which is an access point to the Statue of Liberty, on 4th of July weekend.

Gov. Chris Christie called the shutdown embarrassing and explained the extent of what services will and will not be available until a budget agreement is met and passed.

Christie emphasized that essential services, like police and fire brigades, will still be working to ensure public safety. However, laughably, the state’s casinos, racetracks, and lotteries are not affected by the shutdown.

Christie said he will call the Legislature back to the Capitol if the shutdown is still in place tomorrow.


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