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Links below.

Pro-Life Talk At Google HQ Outperforms Cecile Richards by Amelia Hamilton

Laura Loomer And The Fleecing Of The ‘New Right’ by Jim Jamitis

Why Is The FBI Whitewashing The Steve Scalise Shooting Into “Workplace Violence” by Streiff

Long Live The Patriarchy by Kimberly Ross

FINALLY: Big Pharma To Be Investigated For Their Role In Opioid Crisis by Sarah Lee

Mika Brzezinski Doesn’t Believe It’s Worth Her Time To Talk About The Truth by Andrea Ruth

Who The Hell Was Actually Paying Michael Flynn? by Streiff

Russia Warns Of Escalation With US Coalition West Of The Euphrates In Syria by Grant Gambling

Planned Parenthood Pays Big Bucks For A Big Georgia Loss by Susan Wright

Trump Job Approval At 36 Percent and Here’s Why He’s to Blame by Jay Caruso

Major Victory For The Makers Of The Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Videos by Streiff 

Vast Majority Says Political Climate Encourages Violence by Dan Spencer


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