New Video Short Series Turns Accusations of Racism On Their Head

A lot of stuff gets accused of being racist that to any thinking person is clearly not. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo if you’re not Mexican? That’s racist now. Dressing up as a Polynesian character from a Disney movie for Halloween? That’s racist now too.


Except they’re not.

Brandon Morse, a familiar name and face to RedState readers will be bringing a series of shorts on a plethora of different stories and news events that are touted as being racist but aren’t.

That’s NOT Racist “will tackle absurd news stories from college campus radicals to racially focused activists, and a few nonsensical hosts of online shorts by former musical networks. Topics will include but are not limited to, cultural appropriation, white privilege, microaggressions, fashion appropriation, entitlements, and immigration.”

That’s NOT Racist will be available at TheBlaze in coming weeks.


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