Sorry Customers: Comcast Employees Plan "Walk-out" Trump Protest

If you subscribe to any Comcast services, you might be in for a (longer) wait if you need any customer service or technical help on Thursday. More than 1,000 employees organized a “walk-out” to protest Donald Trump’s executive order that put a temporary travel ban on citizens traveling to the U.S. from seven Middle Eastern countries.

The employees reportedly organized via a Slack channel and walk-outs are planned in four cities across the U.S.. Philadelphia, where Comcast is headquartered, will have a one-hour protest at 2 p.m. Washington, D.C., Sunnyvale, CA, and New York City also have planned protests by Comcast workers.

But don’t worry about the workers while you’re sitting on hold, Comcast is offering paid time off to anyone who walks out to join the protest.

Comcast spokesman John Demming released a statement saying: “Our primary focus is to make sure that all of our employees feel safe in their jobs, including while traveling. We have assured our employees that no one will be asked to travel to a place that would result in them feeling vulnerable in any way. And, we have enhanced our employee resources programs to help any concerned employee navigate through this matter.”

Nevermind about the employees who stay to do their job or face any backlash for not joining the protest. You know, because that must mean they’re hate filled bigots.

Companies getting involved, or indirectly encouraging participation by offering PTO for leaving work to demonstrate against a legal action by a president and also has precedent under the previous president, rarely evokes goodwill.

Maybe if Comcast employees spent less time on Slack discussing the latest outrage they could get better at fulfilling customer service requests and not being one of the most hated countries in America. Just a suggestion.

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