MTV Writer's Disgusting Racial Tweet About Jeff Sessions' Asian Granddaughter

The left really seems to simply not be able to help themselves. Tuesday morning, Senator Jeff Sessions was joined by his family at his confirmation hearing for becoming the attorney general in the Trump administration.


While waiting for others to speak in favor and in opposition of Sen. Sessions’ appointment during opening remarks the senator held his granddaughter, who happens to be half-Asian.

Of course, Republican and conservative’s could never be anything but white, so of course MTV’s Ira Madison felt totally fine with tweeting out the obvious, right?


He’s since given a lame, half-assed, sarcastic non-apology, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that because of his opinion on Sen. Sessions’ record on race elated issues that it was a fair attack. And it’s not like we haven’t seen this argument from the left before.

As Senator Lindsey Graham stated in this morning’s session of the confirmation hearing, to those on the left being a conservative is bad enough, but being “a conservative from Alabama” means something far more nefarious. It implicitly means you’re a racist to them no matter how much of your life you’ve dedicated to civil rights.

Never be fooled, the only thing that could make Jeff Sessions not a racist in their eyes is if he adopted the ideology of the radical left and signed on with the Southern Poverty Law Center. Even then he’d still be questionable to them.


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