Ben Sasse Live Tweeted His Daughter's Piano Recital and It Was as Good as You'd Expect

Every parent wants their child to learn a new skill or gain accomplishments. But then comes that quarterly task of actually having to experience where said child — and their contemporaries — are in their learning by enduring the joy…it’s joy, right?…of the ever-feared word: Recital.


Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse has obviously experienced this before as he set in to live tweet his daughter’s piano recital on Tuesday night.

Senator Sasse seems to be optimistic at first…okay, about being able to live tweet during said recital, but still.

But then reality sets in.

He then posed the question:

Obvi. Being twenty-three means you can handle it so much better!

Yeah, but just like how your kid’s not going to be in the NFL, they won’t be a prodigy either…

You’re going to have to answer this yourself, Senator.


If you feel forsaken, I doubt you’re this lucky, Ben.

The answer to this is: People who want you to test how much you love your child.

OOF. This hurts.

At least they seem to have fire. Fire is always good. Except…you know, when it’s not.

And this is why you go to piano recitals. Because this stuff is precious.

But then your wife notices what you’re up to and you’re hosed.



And then…that moment of pure relief when you realize that was the last performance.

He was taunting Florida this morning so he’s fine.

And that’s how you get through a piano recital.


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