What the NYT Tried to Hide from You About a Democrat's Bribery Trial, and How the Internet Stopped Them

Last night there was an outcry on social media after the New York Times published an article titled Menendez Trial Set to Begin With Tensions High and Washington Watching. The article is about the first United States Senator to be tried for bribery in 36 years. Here’s how the opening of the article read when I saw it last night:


The senator paused in a corridor of the federal courthouse here last month to oblige a beckoning courtroom sketch artist.

The artist spun around her canvas and Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey looked briefly at her sketch of the courtroom, the sharp royal blues of his suit and broad charcoals of his outline a familiar form to the former lawyer, but his place in the painting a jarring shift: the defendant’s chair. His smile mixed with a grimace before he disappeared through the double wooden doors to the courtroom.

The moment underscored the unusual predicament facing Mr. Menendez, a senior senator: For the first time in 36 years, a sitting United States Senator is facing a federal bribery trial, one that comes as a bitterly divided Congress reconvenes amid the unrelenting turbulence of the Trump administration.

Since his indictment more than two years ago, Mr. Menendez has steadfastly proclaimed his innocence, and last week, he reiterated that. “I am going to be exonerated,” he said in a brief interview on Wednesday with reporters following a rally protesting President Trump’s immigration policies.

See anything missing?

What party is he from?

You could read the whole story last night, and you would see no mention of Menendez’s party.

Not one.

Gabriel Malor commented:


I agree with Gabriel Malor. Conservatives have been noting for years that there is a systemic failure on the part of Big Media to name the party of Democrats charged with corruption. (And, by the way, they tend to be Democrats, don’t they? Remember Alcee Hastings? Remember William Jefferson? Remember John Murtha?)

In 2014, I noted an AP story that noted corruption charges or convictions for Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon; former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin; former Trenton, N.J., Mayor Tony Mack; former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner; former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick; and former Birmingham, Ala., Mayor Larry Langford. All were Democrats. The story did not mention the political party of any of them.

This was a quite deliberate omission on the part of reporter Nick Corsaniti.

Anyway, a few people noticed this last night. And they pointed it out. The Daily Caller wrote about it, and Kellyanne Conway tweeted out their post:

And guess what? The New York Times fixed it. According to the site NewsDiffs.com, which tracks changes in New York Times articles, the words “a Democrat” were added after Menendez’s name at 10:32 pm EDT last night. That’s more than eight hours after the previous revision, and nine and one-half hours after the original story was published.


They were forced to do this, and they did. In the old days, they would have laughed behind their hand and gotten away with it.

Now, they get called on it.

P.S. A bunch of smug, clueless leftist reporters are making fun of Conway for supposedly overlooking the words “a Democrat” added to the story late last night. As I just showed you, however, she overlooked nothing. The words were added to the story after her tweet. Not that these News Geniuses were able to figure that out. The offenders include David Wright at CNN, Jake Sherman at POLITICO, Dan Merica at CNN, and Joan Walsh. In case any of these people try to whisk away the evidence, Alex Griswold has collected screenshots in this tweet.



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