Trump Names Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor: Reports

Multiple outlets are reporting that Donald Trump has offered Michael Flynn the post of national security advisor. Frustratingly, the reports — like virtually everything about the Trump transition lately — are based on an anonymous source. L.A. Times:

Donald Trump has offered retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn the job of national security advisor.

That’s according to a senior Trump official.

The official wouldn’t say whether Flynn has officially accepted the job. Flynn has been a close advisor to Trump throughout the presidential campaign and has worked with him on national security issues during the transition.

The national security advisor does not require Senate confirmation. The job is based in the White House and its occupant has frequent access to the president.

If you have a long memory, you may recall that Flynn appeared on This Week in July and described himself as being from a “very strong Democratic family,” adding: “abortion, I think it’s a thing for women.” This is not important for a national security advisor, of course — but what is important is the way he then went flop flop flippity flop on the issue because he was hoping to be VP.

That did not say much for his integrity . . . which makes him a good match for Trump — as does his Special Affinity for Mother Russia. National Review:

Flynn’s attendance alongside Russian president Vladimir Putin at a gala hosted by the Russian-owned television station RT, and his frequent appearances on that network, have drawn fire from foreign-policy experts at both ends of the political spectrum. In an interview with the Washington Post, he said his speaker’s bureau had arranged his trip to Russia. He also dismissed the criticism his appearances on RT had generated, comparing the state-run network to CNN and MSNBC and saying he wanted to “help out to make sure they understand that we have people in our country who aren’t going to apologize for who we are.”

Then there’s this:

Being on your guard against Islamic extremism is common sense. “Fear of Muslims” is . . . not.

Nothing about any of this is surprising. Flynn was expected to be offered the position. And part of me would like to see us get along better with Russia.

But given Putin’s penchant for flattering Trump, it would be nice to have some hard-headed people close to Trump who could keep him from rolling over every time Uncle Vladimir wants to scratch his belly.

Michael Flynn is not that guy.


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