A Hillary Presidency Will Bring Us Four Years of War . . . Between the Sexes

People protest on the campus of Utah State, Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014, in Logan, Utah. Utah's campus gun laws are in the spotlight after a feminist speaker canceled a speech at Utah State University once she learned the school would allow concealed firearms despite an anonymous threat against her. School officials in Logan were set to go ahead with the event with extra police after consulting with federal and state law enforcement who told them the threat was consistent with ones Anita Sarkeesian receives when she gives speeches elsewhere. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

When Hillary Clinton is elected (it’s going to happen, Trumpers), brace yourself — because it will be time for a new “national conversation.” But this time, instead of race, the never-ending topic will be supposed inequality between the sexes. You hadn’t thought about it before — but now that you do, you know I’m right.


When Barack Obama was elected, starry-eyed leftists foretold a new era of harmony between the races. The more realistic among us knew that his election would likely exacerbate ill will between the races.

Part of this was the unavoidable by-product of electing the first black president. We always knew that any criticism of Obama would be attributed to racism. (And some of it was, which just made the accusation — which was usually wrong — easier to level at critics.)

But Obama made an inevitable situation worse. Whether it was blaming a police officer for perfectly understandable actions towards a grievance-mongering Harvard professor, or attending funerals of pistol-grabbing thugs while snubbing police officers killed in the line of duty, Obama knew how to take a bad situation and make it worse. We all knew this was coming . . . and it did, good and hard.

Well, guess what?

With the election of the First Woman President, we’re going to get the same thing, with a vengeance.

Every single criticism of Hillary will be called “sexism” by the collectivism crowd. We’ll hear absolutely endless repetitions of the bogus “pay gap” argument. Outlandish statistics about rape on and off campus will be repeated with a frequency that will make today’s shouting sound like a whisper by contrast.


And, of course, there to help us at all times will be the chest-beating Trumper types of the Internet (no, they’re not all going away after Trump’s defeat), doing their level best to confirm every idiot stereotype of the left.

Like I said: you know it’s coming.

I have an opening salvo for you, when you see one of these people coming. Ask them why 90% of the prison population in this country is male. If they try to say males commit more crimes, accuse them of sexism. While they’re sputtering, run the other way. As fast as you can.

If you employ this simple strategy, you may be able to get through the next four years. But I don’t guarantee it.



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