Author's Disturbing Message to Sen. Mark Warner Causes a Stir

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At this point, Democrats are in chaos over Joe Biden, his cognitive issues, and whether he should step aside. 

One of the things that is truly funny is that Biden supporters are so mad at the media for finally reporting the truth about Biden and daring to question him now. Here you see Rachel Vindman yelling at Politico's Rachel Bade and Democratic operative Chris Jackson yelling at Brian Stelter. 


Warning for graphic language: 

But there was a post on X that really made people sit up and take notice because it was directed at Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), the Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Warner reportedly is behind an effort to organize Democratic senators to encourage Biden to step aside from the campaign, which has angered many Biden supporters. The Washington Post tweeted about it on Friday. 

George Stephanopoulos also asked Biden about it during the interview that ran Friday. Biden's response was to lie about Warner, saying he had tried for the nomination when in reality he never ran. 


Biden: "Well, Mark is a good man. We've never had that -- he also tried to get the nomination too. Mark's not -- Mark and I have a different perspective. I respect him."

But it was a bizarre attempt to suggest that was why Warner had concerns about him, yet another one of the many bad moments in the interview. 


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After that news about Warner came out, author Don Winslow posted this cryptic message that went viral: 

Dear @MarkWarner, 

Are you sure you want to go down this road? 

You definitely know what I'm talking about. 

Think about it very carefully.

Winslow is a big Biden supporter and presently spends his time on X yelling at the Democrats who he thinks are not supporting Biden. 

People, including journalist Yashar Ali, interpreted it as a possible threat possibly to drop information on Warner. 

Is that a suggestion that Winslow has something on Warner, or is it just spit-shooting? Some termed the post a Capitol Hill "Game of Thrones."


George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said it created "a bit of a stir" and had "tongues wagging."

It's unclear what exactly Winslow meant. 

But what it shows at this point is that the left is truly descending into chaos on this and imploding all over the place. You have the folks who are willing to go over the cliff with Biden versus the people who see they're going to lose and are trying to prevent it. And ultimately, because Biden wouldn't step aside, they're going to have to go around him, or they're going to go down with the Bad Ship Biden. But either way, they've painted themselves into a corner. 



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